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Moral Relativism in the movie Gattaca - Essay Example

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This research paper is objective to evaluate and present the moral relativism in the movie Gattaca. The research demonstrates Vincent Anton Freeman, movie’s character, as moral relativist and gives an examples to support this thesis…
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Moral Relativism in the movie Gattaca
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Download file to see previous pages The irony of the circumstances is that Jerome was not able to translate his excellent genetic profile to a real achievement who only won silver in a swimming competition. Yet, Vincent made the most out of it despite of his seemingly “inept” genetic structure. Example 3 Vincent Freeman did not believe that genetics determine a romantic compatibility in a relationship. His relationship with Irene Cassini proves that he does not subscribe to the convention that genetic in-valids cannot be with somebody who has a better genetic disposition. In the first place, genetics has no place in a romantic relationship whose goal is for two people to be happy together and to provide love and support to each partner. Conclusion The movie Gattaca depicts high-technology discrimination where society’s preference and opportunities in life is genetically determined. Not so long ago, this kind of discrimination also exists, only that the segregation was more obvious but it still involves a person genetic make-up; that is the color of his skin through racial discrimination. An unjust societal structure that upholds injustice and unfairness cannot perpetuate for a long time because there will always be somebody who is a “moral relativist” who will go against its established norms. Any society whose established rules of morals and ethics segregate a man from another because of a genetic predisposition will definitely invite a “moral relativist” to challenge it. As what had happened before with any discriminatory practices such as racial discrimination, moral relativist or crusaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King challenged the prevailing norm that man should be judged by his character and not by the color of his skin. In Gattaca’s case, the...
According to the research findings the most appropriate application of the definition of moral relativism in the movie Gatta is the Metaethical moral relativism which states that “the truth or falsity of moral judgments, or their justification, is not absolute or universal, but is relative to the traditions, convictions, or practices of a group of persons. Simply put, the metaethical definition of relativism is that the standard of morality, ethics and the determination of right and wrong are based on culture, norms and traditions and is therefore subjective and can be subjected to an individual’s choice and interpretation. In the movie Gattaca, Vincent Anton Freeman was moral relativist because he did not subscribe to the established rules by Gattaca that a man’s success is determined by genetics alone. An unjust societal structure that upholds injustice and unfairness cannot perpetuate for a long time because there will always be somebody who is a “moral relativist” who will go against its established norms. Any society whose established rules of morals and ethics segregate a man from another because of a genetic predisposition will definitely invite a “moral relativist” to challenge it. In Gattaca’s case, the moral relativity that is founded more on a solid moral ground is the idea that every man should be given a chance in life whose success should depend on its own will, determination and character and not by his genetic disposition. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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