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The researcher of this discussion will explore the subject of film marketing campaign under the following divisions: results of film poster; analysis of responses; aesthetics and representations in the film; challenges in posters for marketing…
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Film Marketing Campaign: the case of movie Precious
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that the ability to appeal to the market is one which determines the outcome and success of a movie.  The movie poster that is used is one of the elements that become important in the advertising and success of a movie, as well as the appeal which is created.  When looking at “Precious,” a movie created in 2009 by Lee Daniels, there is a noted response to the poster and the creation of marketing materials that followed.  While the movie received 2 grammies and a number of awards, the movie questions the appeal to the main market from the organization of the marketing materials and the approach which was taken.  This resulted in a different approach to the movie and the outcome and demands from the consumers.  Examining the specific aspects of this film then creates a different understanding of the portrayal that was associated with the poster of the film.  A study was given to 12 random individuals to determine the success of the poster and the message which was conveyed through the film.  The two largest areas where individuals had seen the poster advertised was online and through cinema trailers with all respondents noting that they had seen the poster advertised in at least one spot.  An average of 65% of respondents had seen “Precious” from the advertising and release in 2009.  The largest number that had seen the film was a downloaded copy with only 11% seeing the film at the cinema. ...
The poster; however, led to difficulties and problems with the movie that didn't provide for the right outcome with the initial release. The problem which arose was one based on the inability to create an appealing type of merchandise with the movie. This led to different viewpoints that were misleading about what the movie was about. The picture, graphic design, color scheme and the overall appeal doesn't create the right type of attraction for the viewer, which leads to the inability to compete with the other films which have more features in terms of drama or elements that define what the movie is about (Wasko, 2003). For this movie, this creates the inability to correctly portray the reality of the movie through the poster. Aesthetics and Representations in Film The relationship that was used with the poster was based on the concept of creating a link between the aesthetics that were going to be displayed with the film and an understanding of the economics of what the film was about. The ideology is one which is represented by the high concept, which takes the composition of the film and represents this through a main picture or ideology. The aesthetic determinants are then able to create the right appeal while creating a different approach to the institutional ideologies that are represented in the film. The marketing method is then based on finding a graphic appeal and sense of aesthetics that is able to move into the industry and create the necessary response to those who are interested in the film and the features that are assocaited with this. The ideology of the poster is one which has to capture the plot, actors and the different themes that are associated with the film through the one poster (Wyatt, 1997). This film poster is one which, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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