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Review of 1970s Art Through the Works of Valerie Jaudon - Essay Example

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This paper will show a review of the influence of the decoration and pattern movement of the 1970s and the artist(s) involved, were influenced, or anything to do anything with this time period. …
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Review of 1970s Art Through the Works of Valerie Jaudon
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will examine the works of Valerie Jaudon from the 1970s and what his influence was on that particular time period. Avalon This first work which will be looked at is called Avalon. Avalon was created in 1976 with oil and aluminum on a canvas that is 76 inches by 108 inches. This works uses a pattern which has black shapes outlined in white. This simplification of colors brings about a balance to the works that leans towards darkness in the hue with bright spots illuminating the shapes in the pattern of angles, waves, circles, and rectangles. The waves make it look as though they continue throughout the landscape of the painting. The craftsmanship of this painting is well done, where you cannot see the aluminum on the paper but how it is used to hold the pigment of the oil onto the canvas. Also, the contrast between the colors allows us to see how the patterns used goes in and out of each other and how they overlap, as well. His economy is well done, just using the basic colors and shapes with a focal point right in the middle of the painting where two diagonal shapes meet. The gestalt of the work is how the pattern gives it depth instead seeming to be just individual shapes and colors. The grid on this painting allows the artist to keep his shapes evenly spaced from one side to another. The implied lies are the ones that allow the Jaudon to show his shapes and patterns overall. Everything within the design of his painting Avalon are completely in portion form the radial balance going outward from the circles within the painting to the rhythm of the piece which gives a nice even flow from side to side. Furthermore, there are many shapes within the painting that are similar to one another but not identically the same on this very symmetrically balanced piece. There is probably some overall texture to this painting, it is an oil painting after all, but the visual texture reminds me of a very well planned wicker type design to the piece which brings a unity and harmony to the piece. Minter City A year later, she created a square piece on a 72 inch by 72 inch piece of canvas using oil and metallic pigment called Minter City. From first look at this painting with its burnt sienna hue, one can see that there is a definite radial balance within the symmetrical piece. The balance in this piece is easily seen as the design seems to hold a continuation of the same elements throughout the piece. Furthermore, the continuity of Minter City goes from the central focal point to the edges, but there is more continuity which comes from the four corners of the work and diagonally meets in the center of the piece. The exacting craftsmanship is shown in Jaudon’s piece as she shows us how meticulously laid out the abstract design. Furthermore, the gestalt of the piece shows an exacting unity amongst the flow of the rhythm and the basic economy of the design, which shows a minimalist approach to the overall value of the non-objective design. Mound Bayou This painting by Valerie Jaudon is the same size as Minter City and created with the same basic materials. However, that is where the similarities end between the two pieces. Mound Bayou definitely has a focal point in the middle of the painting. But, this painting seems to have a couple of rather complex rhythms running through the piece. Not only is there a radially balanced rhythm to the piece but there is another rhythm with the underlying crisscrossing diagonal lines, along with the interlocking chain of circles which seem to go right through the middle of the piece. You can easily see the continuation created by the various shapes throughout the piece. And the contrast between the sharp edges of the diagonal lines and the soft lines of the rounded shapes gives ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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