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Blog Post Pacific Standard Time: Chasing the wave in the new American Dream The exhibit at the LACMA, titled Pacific Standard Time exhibits artwork that creates a discourse on modern life as it is expressed in a multitude of California lifestyles and cultures…
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Art Blog
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Download file to see previous pages The psychology of the postmodern world is the continual state of change as we live in its idealist manufactured dream, built by developers” (Cullen). The poster in the exhibit reflected this statement through a number of fascinating ways. The first way in which it reflected this statement was through its graphically perfected nature, the art of the poster defined by edges that were uneven, but perfect, text that was bold, but rendered through the use of a typographically rendered font. This work was developed through the use of technology that separated the user from the medium, a brush or a knife not the connection between the artist and the medium, but the printing tools performing as the artist commanded to render what the tools were already capable of performing. The work feels manufactured, which is directly juxtaposed with the theme which expresses the freedom of the surfer. The surfer represents the extension of youth, the ‘Endless’ not only about time in a year, but about time in a life. Looking at the poster is reminiscent of the dream of the wave as it endlessly crashes against the sand, the heat of the sun as it beats out the color of the day until the ocean is a part of every moment of a day that will never end. The feel of heat, the grit of the sand, and the idea of following the waves is expressed through color and silhouette within the graphically rendered poster. Not only is the theme expressed, but the post-modern world in which technology and youth crashes into nature and defies it, is expressed. The work is an expression of a new world as it was emerging in the most socially volatile time in American history. The film that the poster was made to express was released in 1966 in the middle of a revolution that changed culture towards a more youth oriented aesthetic, even as it changed race relations, gender relations, and the relationship that the American people had with their government. Chasing the elusive dream, the next wave and a summer that never ended was emblematic of the new American dreams of freedom. Seeing this poster in the midst of the exhibit created a feeling of hope in which that dream of freedom could be discovered. See Pacific Standard Time at the LACMA which opened on October 1, 2011. (The images for the blog are easy to find, but I don’t know what parameters your professor gave you for copyrights, so I cannot help you with this. Since you didn’t submit the information until yesterday, my time to try and comply with this has been limited) Cullen Lauren. Interview with John Van Hammersveld on Pacific Standard Time. 30 September 2011. Web. 2 November 2011. Blog 2 Big Black Sun: The Loss of the Master Narrative within a Collective of Artists Minds The Geffen Contemporary at the MOCA is hosting an exhibition entitled “Under the Black Sun: California Art 1974-1981”. Paul Schimmel in his article on the exhibition website page quotes critic Arthur C. Danto as he discussed the idea of pluralism as “the implication that there was no longer any historical direction. That meant there was no longer a vector to art history and no longer a basis in truth for the effort to spot the historically next thing” (Schimmel). In looking at the works within the exhibit, the division of artistic direction is clearly evident and the works speak and reveal a wide variety of ideas from which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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