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The renaissance cultural movement started in Italy and later spread to the rest of Europe in the late 16th century. It had great influence in art, literature, religion, philosophy and science. In this paper, you`ll find out the most influential figure of this period and main characteristics of renaissance art…
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Renaissance Art
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Download file to see previous pages He had a lot of interest in science and produced pieces of unprecedented work during his time. He sold a lyre that he had fashioned to Lorenzo de Medici that was in the shape of the skull of a horse. It was supposed to be sent to Ludovico Sforza of Milan (Worldly Goods 564). Instead of giving the piece of artwork to Lorenzo de Medici to deliver it, he decided to do it by himself. He was then persuaded to remain in Milan by his host and this is where he painted the famous mural The last Supper on the wall of the monastery. (Painting of the last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci) His work of Raphael was preferred by Pope Leo X and earned him the position of court painter in France. His greatest piece of work was the painting of the Mona Lisa, which remains outstanding up to date. Michaelangelo Buonarroti at the age of 23 carved the pieta which brought him to fame instantly. This was first followed by his sculptor of King David that was equally a success. This made him become the symbol of all the prospering artists in Florence. His ceiling paintings also remain to be one of the greatest undertakings of all time. Raphael was the leading painter of the renaissance period and is credited with painting The school of Athens that depicted an imaginary meeting of all the famous philosophers. This piece of work earned him the chance to paint for papal commissions which he did for the rest of his life (Guido 360). The last of the greatest artists of the renaissance period is Titian who distinguished himself from the other artists through the use of new techniques that imbued the bright colors with greater depth and subtlety. Conclusion The artists of the high renaissance period picked their commissions and didn’t have to wander from...
The major characteristic of the artists in this period is that they searched for human emotion and realism in art through the use of the human method.The artists of the early renaissance period aimed at portraying human forms that appeared as if they had life in order to keep up with the spirit of humanism. They had realistic expressions and clothing that were proportional to the human beings. New techniques were developed by these artists to give the paintings a more three dimensional appearance. In order for them to achieve this, they had to study human and animal anatomy to come up with a more realistic presentation.
The artists of the high renaissance period picked their commissions and didn’t have to wander from one city to the other in search of commissions like their predecessors. Their work was more refined and was highly demanded thus earning them many contracts. They changed the order of things as they shifted away from the traditional art and came up with their own philosophy on how things should be done. Their paintings still remain significant up to date owing to their unique nature and stylistic devices employed. They gave art a whole different humanistic approach that completely changed the manner in which artists carried out their business. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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