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Relationship between the Renaissance and the Greco-Roman world - Essay Example

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In history the Greco-Roman world portrays those countries and people whose cultures are broadly and nearly influenced by the language, customs, government and faiths of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The region geographically is termed as the "Mediterranean world". …
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Relationship between the Renaissance and the Greco-Roman world
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Extract of sample "Relationship between the Renaissance and the Greco-Roman world"

Download file to see previous pages The French word renaissance means “rebirth”. According to Paul Johnson renaissance is referred to the revival of classical styles of politics, art, philosophy, literature, science, religion, and other aspects of rational inquisition developed in Europe, particularly in Italy throughout the 14th and the 16th centuries that had been long vanished to Western Europe. This cultural movement emerged in the Late Middle Ages in Florence, particularly with the writings of Francesco Petrarch and Dante Alighieri, in addition to the painting of Giotto di Bondone. It later advanced to the rest of Europe affecting profoundly the intellectual life of the Europeans in the early modern period.At that time Europe must have been in a primeval, destitute condition from which it needed to come out for the rebirth to occur. It was completely split up in the sixth and seventh centuries due to the decline of Roman Empire. The Byzantine Empire or the east comprised of the residual relics of the eastern Roman Empire and included the regions of northeast Africa, southwest Asia and southeast Europe. On the contrary, the west of the Roman Empire was a combination of several countries including Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Slovenia and parts of France, the Czech Republic and Italy. At that time Europe can be described as being between the splendour of cultured antiquity and the victorious modern era. During the period of 1450 to 1600 renaissance turned from GOD to man. The people of Europe saw a flowering of culture as the significance of arts and science expanded rapidly. The common feeling among the people of that period was as if they were experiencing a rebirth of antiquity that marked the beginning of a new era. Consequently, this period became recognized as the Renaissance. During this period the struggle for achieving the correct perception and pragmatism was intense by the artists in their paintings. Whereas, the theologians and politicians, for instance, Erasmus, Thomas More, and Machiavelli strove hard in an attempt to enhance the circumstances of the humans. These exertions marked the commencement of modern age. The artistic and philosophic values of ancient times were revived in a number of ways in Europe by the scholars. During the Middle Ages the pontificate initiated various impressive programs to educate and ethically develop the clergy men of that time. Consequently, the educated people in Europe mainly comprised of the monks and priests who became the most honoured and esteemed scholars. The establishment of institutions for the purpose of educating these clergy men by the Catholic Church proved to be very beneficial which were later to be developed as universities. The argument relating to renaissance is that it is the reiterate uncovering of ancient texts, forgotten by the Western civilizations, but safeguarded in the Byzantine Empire which is actually the Eastern Roman Empire. This Eastern Roman Empire had its grounds in Constantinople and kept the Greco-Roman customs alive including the Islamic world, monastic libraries and Greek and Arabic texts translations into Latin. The humanist method in study was adopted by the renaissance scholars, which was a method of learning and not a philosophy. This was on the contrary to the medieval educational mode, which mainly focused on settling disagreements among the authors. It involved the study of ancient texts, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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