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Fine Arts Lesson 2 - Essay Example

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Date: Fine Arts Lesson No. 2 Part 1: Line: I (?) /?\?/ …
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Fine Arts Lesson 2
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"Fine Arts Lesson 2"

Download file to see previous pages This is because meaning to symbols has to be given otherwise the other person would not be able to understand the context of the message. In the above pictogram, the reader would have the context of the English language in mind so he would not have to depend on any key. Pictograms in today’s world are used as symbols and icons. They are employed in sign language, as icons in our computers and also as road signs. The use of pictogram in such areas goes away with the need for words that would occupy more space and would require more time to read. In case of road signs such as U-turn and Danger signs, the viewer reads these signs quickly and thus response is fast. Part 2: Art as a Window into Culture The Seated Gudea is a sculpture of Mesopotamian King Gudea of Lagash, belonging to the Neo-Sumerian period. The sculpture was commissioned by the King himself but the sculptor is unknown. In this sculpture, the king is depicted as a pious person who remains seated with hands clasped in a prayer-like position. Inscriptions are seen on the robe of the King, telling the story of the King who built the temple. The Akkadian relief sculpture of King Naram-Sin of Akkad depicts the victory of King Naram-Sin over the Lullubi. This relief sculpture was probably intended to become a monument. Both the sculptures are praise to their Kings. In the ancient times, the Kings used art to express their greatness. However, the subject of both the paintings is different in a manner of their emotions. King Gudea is shown as a humble person whose contribution to his people is the building of the temple. Gudea is depicted in this sculpture as a humble and peaceful person. In the case of King Naram-Sin of Akkad, the King is the opposite of humble as he basks in the light of his victory over the Lullubi. The King here is proud of his accomplishments and believes in his own might. This shows how the cultures differed as Gudea had strong religious beliefs while King Naram-Sin was sure of his own capabilities. 3. Reflection Assignment: The Evolution of Pyramid Design Pyramids were built in Ancient Egypt primarily for the purpose of serving as tombs for the Pharaohs, their queens and their entire ruling family. However, these Pyramids represent the architectural geniuses of the people who built these structures. Pyramids are great collectors of energy. Another seemingly interesting fact about the shape of the pyramids is the method of decomposition that occurs to the bodies inside the tomb. Rather than stinking or smelling, these pyramid structures lead to the mummification of the body. The Pyramids of Giza are the most functional and elaborate of the Pyramid Design. The Pyramids of Khufu and Cheops in Giza are built based on the Earth’s basic geophysical data linked with the Pyramid’s dimensions. Also being the largest pyramid, The Pyramid of Khufu also acts as radar. Thus these Pyramids not just serve the purpose of being tombs but in the greater context are architectural relics. 4. Writing Assignment: Lasting Monuments One monument that I believe would be a lasting monument in this age would be the Sydney Opera House located in Sydney, Australia. There are two reasons behind this choice. The first is apparently the architectural beauty of the building. The building has become an icon for Sydney in the same way that people remember India by its Taj Mahal, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Fine Arts Lesson 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 Words)
Fine Arts Lesson 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 Words.
“Fine Arts Lesson 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 Words”, n.d.
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In a subtractive process, the sculptor begins work with a material in a quantity more than that is required for the final product. The sculptor removes or chips away excess material to bring the material into its final shape. Carving is an example of a subtractive process and has been employed frequently to in history to make sculptors out of stone.
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