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Assumption of the Virgin by Titian analyzed with the theme: Who or what is god and what is his/its relationship to humanity - Essay Example

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[College No/Title] Analysis of Art Theme and Context: Assumption of the Virgin by Titian Introduction The Renaissance Period is among those considered to be the best portrayal of man’s artistic and cultural capabilities…
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Assumption of the Virgin by Titian analyzed with the theme: Who or what is god and what is his/its relationship to humanity
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Extract of sample "Assumption of the Virgin by Titian analyzed with the theme: Who or what is god and what is his/its relationship to humanity"

Download file to see previous pages One art that has emerged as part of this reconnection with the classics is Titian’s “Assumption of the Virgin”, created between the periods of 1516 and 1518(Cunningham and Reich 323). Titian, whose real name is TizianoVecellio created the said art as part of the developments of his time, but at the same time as part of the creation of a new form and style in painting. Still, one of the most significant aspects of the said painting is its theme on religion and spirituality. In relation, this paper will then explore the said theme of spirituality and religion in the painting. More specifically, it will attempt to explore the theme: “Who or what is God and what is His/Its relationship to humanity?” Finally, this paper will attempt to prove that the theme of the painting portrays the significant role played by God as the guardian of humanity. Why and How Theme was Influential As part of the revisitation of the classical works by the ancient artists, another subject matter that rose with the art forms of the Renaissance was the increased importance given on spirituality and religion. ...
and influential(Corrain, Boni and Galante 41) In addition, the theme of the relationship of God and humanity was also influential because even until today’s society, Christianity and its effects continues to be among the most pervasive influences of human life throughout the globe. The influence of the City of Vatican and of the Pope in worldwide occurrences also reflects the strong effect of the theme of the relationship of God with humanity. In addition, the style and form of the artwork continues to be among the bases for modern art and art styles. How the Creator Felt about the Theme Titian’s views towards the role of God in the life of humanity were very much the same as that of his peers. His mentors, peers of the realm and of the church, opened Titian to the same religious orientation as their predecessors. Thus, it is of little wonder that most of Titian’s works covered the theme of the relationship of man and God. In fact, the whole composition of the “Assumption of the Virgin” revolved around the reverence held by the creator towards God and the figure of Mary in religion. His acknowledgement of the significant role played by the virgin mother portrayed the marvelous ways used by God to show his love for mankind (Goffen 103). In addition to this, the creator’s use of the thee\me may have also been propelled by his relations with priests and similar other religious personalities. In fact, he was a favorite and a friend of the Holy Roman Emperor and other religious leaders who served as among his top clients (Kaminski 30). In addition to these, even the style used by Titian in his work reflected his views towards God and the spiritual realm. In his use of bright colors, chromatic repetitions, boldly geometric structures, and the subtle combination ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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