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Name Instructor Task Date Effects of Movies on Culture Introduction Culture is a way of people’s life, how they reflect, their standpoints and their way of living. Movies are stories that are recorded in camera and are usually shown in TV. Movies have both unconstructive and encouraging influence on the culture of a populace…
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Film and American Culture Studies
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Download file to see previous pages The way a certain movie influences a certain culture it is not same way it affects another culture. Certain cultures may think that action movies may instill violence to their child. Some parents argue that children will want to practice and experience what they watch in movies. A program such as wrestling is said to nurture and build a violent person (Funk, et al, 23–39). This will not be the case to other cultures because they might find it to be educative. The Chinese and Japanese like practicing soldierly arts; hence, they will find action movies to be educative because they can learn some skills from these movies. Other cultures find action movies to be entertaining. This is because in their everyday life, they encounter many risks, for example, the Maasai culture occupation is practiced around the forest as they graze their animals. They may find these movies to be entertaining as they experience a lot of violence with the wild animals. Some parents argue that action movies will instill braveness in children, especially cultures that undergo painful initiation. Some cultures recommend the circumcision of their men without being sedated to show braveness in a man. The other category of movies that have both positive effects on culture is the soap operas. These movies have different sagas, typically focusing on love. Parents feel that these movies will poison their children relationship issues at an early age. They feel that their children will start engaging in sexual action at an early age. Indian culture believes that people should not engage in sex until they are married. These movies will affect their culture negatively as young people will get involved passionately. It is also Indian customary for marriages and spouses to be arranged by parents, but after young people watch these soap operas, they feel they have a right to decide on their marriage life thus violating their culture. Other cultures find these soap operas to be informative and educative. For instance, these cultures feel that they educate people on how solve shaky relationship because they are true reflective of what happens in real life. These movies are educative in that they answer many questions to children. Parents are sometimes shy to converse matters pertaining to love and sex. They are unable to answer questions in this area hence these movies answer children questions. The other categories of movies that have both positive and negative impacts are the drama movies. These movies show how people use their wits and knowledge to solve certain issue. For example, a movie like Prison Break show how convicts gang up and use their wits to escape from prison. Children may try to put these in practice, hence skiving and absconding classes. These influence cultures in a negative manner. Some drama movies tackle the concern of bullying. For example, a movie like American Girl Stands Strong shows how some characters bully others in the school. Children may practice this and use it to bull other children. This may in turn result in forming an oppressive culture where some people are made to feel oppressive. Other drama movies address relationship issue. A movie like Desperate Housewives has shown a lot of unfaithful relationship. These may result in the buildup of cultures with infidelities; hence, separations and divorce will be the order of the day. They may also influence the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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