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The value and meaning of the arts - Essay Example

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This paper argues in favor of the thesis statement, ‘the creation of new works of art is valuable to our society as a whole and serves the common good. Therefore, the federal government should continue to provide grant money to individual artists and to non-profit arts organizations such as orchestras, dance troupes, museums, and theater and opera companies.’ Creation of new art is very important for the advancement of the cultural heritage of a country…
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The value and meaning of the arts
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Download file to see previous pages Modern artists reflect upon different incidents, political incidents, and other happenings. For example, in the 1980s, neo expressionism was created by German Expressionist artists like Emil Nolde, Max Beckmann, George Grosz, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, etc. In this style, recognizable objects were painted or sculpted in an abstract manner. Bold colors and depictions of violence were also common. These artists reflected the turmoil of that period. The government needs to support art and culture in order to help it move on to the next step of advancement. If the government had not backed up artists of the neo expressionism era, it would not have been accepted into the world of art. For example, After World War II, Nolde was honored and received the German Order of Merit, West Germany's highest civilian decoration. Emil Nolde, The Prophet, woodcut, 1912 Art has always evolved with time and different variations and new styles have come up. The works of iconic artists of the different periods have always been affected by the happenings, social and economic situations of the respective times. Presently, the most popular style of art is post modernism. Post-modernism is a general sense of the state of the western society, culture and modern art. In the special sense it is a political-scientific-artistic direction that is opposed to the institutions, methods, concepts and basic assumptions of modernity and aims to resolve and overcome it. Post modernism has social consequences. In the modern age, the Meta narratives or social institutions that legitimize political practices, ethics and ways of thinking, are lost in the postmodern era. This consensus dissolves into a multitude of mutually incompatible truth and justice concepts. At the same time takes a tolerant awareness of differences, diversity and plurality, and thus, has the ability to endure the inconsistency of language games. Marcel Duchamp, Fountain, 1917. Photograph by Alfred Steiglitz Not only artists but there are many non-profit organizations like orchestras, museums, dance troupes, theaters, opera companies who are badly need for money. Huge amount of money needed for each and every dance troupe or opera company to promote their talent. Non-profit organizations are mainly dependent on the money they receive from public and government. They provide the services that we need in order to live nicely in our lives. People cannot live only with their jobs and their busy daily work schedule. They need some recreational activities to some extent for entertainment and these non-profit organizations help us to entertain but they do not get the amount of money they deserve. There are many cases where people do not need to pay a single penny to enjoy an opera show or to enter a museum. Most of the museums across UK or any other country are free for public but they spend a huge cost to maintain the buildings and the things kept inside the museum. There are many examples of shut down of museums as a result of insufficient funds. So, federal government should try to arrange some kinds of grant money for these non-profit organizations. One thing government must keep in mind that an individual is an important part of society because a number of individual make a society and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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