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Movie Wo Ai Ni Mommy - Essay Example

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Movie: Wo Ai Ni Mommy Early Asian American filmmakers made films for a number of reasons. Describe one of those reasons and show how the film you select reflects that reason. Asian American film-making has a distinct flavour compared with mainstream films…
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Movie Wo Ai Ni Mommy
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Download file to see previous pages (Soe, 1997, p.3) They derive many cinematic elements from early Asian American films, but also include “souped-up mise-en-scenes, techno soundtracks and ultra-hip young characters...the stories are ultimately about identity, cultural confusion and finding one's own voice and desires, all of which have been recurrent themes in Asian American films past and present.” (Soe, 1997, p.3) Thesis: In the case of Wo Ai Ni Mommy, we witness some of these cinematic elements, along with unique filmmaking style of the director Stephanie Wang-Breal. Complex issues of loss, memory, family anomie and alienation are all integral parts of the Asian American film genre. In recent years though, Asian American filmmakers have produced an interesting body of work which are largely documentaries or experimental work. The new tribe of young directors, “linked by youth and their impressive technical skills, explores themes and issues common to Asian American films and videos from years past.” (Soe, 1997, p.3) And the movie titled Wo Ai Ni Mommy by Stephanie Wang-Breal should be studied in this backdrop. ...
or example, Wang-Breal also doubles up as a translator between Faith and her new parents, as the former struggles to get acclimatized with new socio-cultural norms. Usually documentary filmmakers take a passive role in the process of film-making, in that they do not affect the audio/visual information being captured. But in the case of Wang-Breal, by virtue of being the only remaining link to Faith’s Chinese heritage, also assumes the role of the young ward’s confidante and interlocutor. It should also be noted that Asian American filmmaking is not one homogenous concept, but rather consists of vastly diverse constituencies in which “recent immigrants, native-born citizens, community activists, documentarians, avant-garde artists, film students, Asiaphiles and cineastes all claim valid rights. The complexity of the Asian American community has always influenced and affected the work of its filmmakers. As this community becomes more diverse, it will require even greater skill and acuity to accurately reflect the ever-evolving state of Asian American media arts.” (Soe, 1997, p.3) It has been an endeavor of early Asian American filmmakers to present their authentic ‘voice’ in their works. This is certainly evident in Wo Ai Ni Mommy too, where director Stephanie Wang-Breal’s original voice comes across to the audience. Within the limitations of a documentary project, the director manages to raise important issues facing adopted Chinese kids such as Faith. While Faith is obviously the protagonist of the film, her new parents Donna and Jeff are also given key coverage. Indeed Donna’s early experiences with Faith were very challenging. But the later transformation of Faith into an English-speaking American kid is in large part due to the efforts of Donna. A ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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