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Art Appreciation: The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian Painting - Essay Example

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The author examines the painting The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian by Antonio del Pollaiuolo and Piero del Pollaiuolo, an outstanding work of the early Renaissance art. The artists were inclined to describe the legend about Saint Sebastian and his martyrs once he was discovered a Christian. …
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Art Appreciation: The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian Painting
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Download file to see previous pages First, formal theories serve to detect the way in which the work was painted (Prebles' Artforms 5). In this respect, formal theories touch upon the overall structure of the artwork in its relation to the oeuvre of the artist. Moreover, it constitutes the theoretical and philosophical trends significant and influential for a definite period of time when the work was done. All in all, formal theories also constitute how the work may have depended on the earlier works by the artists (Prebles' Artforms 5). Second, sociocultural theories tend to describe the artwork as a result of the cultural and social flows dominating on the artistic thought at large (Prebles' Artforms 6). Sociocultural diversity takes notice of how cultural development along with social innovations supports the versatility of themes and ideas imposed by the artist into a work of art. Certainly, this set of theories requires an observer to take a close look at the way in which the artwork reflects on the societal structure and social peculiarities at the time. Third, expressive theories are, perhaps, the most sacred as they point out the artist’s worldview in an attempt to express his/her feelings respectively. That is to say, it is a way to depict the personality of an artist easily taken out of the expressive means and devices he/she uses in painting (Prebles' Artforms 7). This is why expressive theories include the finishing stroke in the aesthetic sensitivity and passion of a viewer. It is a reflection of a time when form served for function. On the other hand, the artists were well influenced by biblical themes so popular at the moment. Works by, other eminent artists were also devoted to the biblical motives in the light of high expression touching deeply upon a viewer’s feelings. The funeral of St Jerome (1460), Adoration of the Child with Saints (1460-65) and the like were well-polished in keeping with the best traditions of the early Renaissance. However, brothers Pollaiuolo had succeeded in following the same theme but with the main attention to the martyrdom of the main hero.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Art Appreciation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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