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Mississippi Burning - Essay Example

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Client’s Name: Course: 16 August 2011 Each year several movies are made but only a few manage to captivate the audience, film making techniques have become much better than ever. These days modern day techniques make films much better than films produced in the 20th century…
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Mississippi Burning
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Extract of sample "Mississippi Burning"

Download file to see previous pages Three civil rights workers were murdered in America in the year 1964; the murdered took place in the US state of Mississippi this is why the film was named Mississippi burning. The FBI inevitably got involved in the investigation and the film also showcases two agents trying hard to uncover the truth. Alan Parker directed this film and it was written by Chris Gerolmo. The movie was very well liked by the audience and it went on to win several accolades which included the best film for cinematography, best picture, best sound and a host of other awards. In spite of doing well the movie was severely criticized because according to the critics the film fails to present the historical records in the right manner. The director of the movie had to come out and defend the movie by saying it was no documentary, it was instead dramatization. “Mississippi Burning is set in 1964 when three civil rights workers are murdered in a small town by members of the Ku Klux Klan.” (Mississippi Burning) In American society the civil rights workers are given very little protection but the film portrays the FBI agents as real heroes, they come to Mississippi to investigate the murder of the victims but in reality very little has been done to protect the civil rights workers in America. ...
The movie created a ruckus, a scene in the movie showed a white man beating a black boy while he was praying; this created a lot of problems. This was seen as racism by many people and it even antagonized the blacks living in America. A few black men started beating up a white boy after discussing the movie as a result of which a huge uproar in America was caused. Directors must always keep in mind that their movies are more than capable of disturbing the law and order in a country because so many people watch it and they interpret the scenes in their own way and this may cause so many unforeseen problems. Such race sensitive scenes should not be shown in movies to be on the safer side. The movie also gave rise to hate crime after its release. Above case which has been discussed in the paper became a very important case in the American constitution. “A highly charged box of fireworks is the best way to describe "Mississippi Burning". It is 1964 and the Civil Rights Movement is tearing apart many areas in the Deep South. Mississippi is definitely the hottest spot of all as the entire state seems to be split between whites and African Americans.” (Mississippi Burning) The three African American men who were murdered in Mississippi were seeking justice, they wanted the right to vote like any other American but this did not go down too well with The Ku Klux Klan and the local police authorities. Those three men were abducted and murdered very ruthlessly. Miburn was the name of mission undertaken by the FBI to solve this mystery, Miburn stood for Mississippi burning and the investigation found the corpses of those three civil rights workers and the investigation also found the identity of the people who killed them. “The U. S. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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