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Stanley Kubrick- A Life of Contributions to Film - Essay Example

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Professor Name Subject Date Stanley Kubrick- A Life of Contributions to Film Through this study, the author aims at exploring Kubrick techniques of film making. The study particularly will focus on ; “2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)”, “A Clockwork Orange (1971)”, “The Shining (1980)”, “Full Metal Jacket (1987)” and “Eyes Wide Shut (1999)” While considering Kubrick’s work we see the majority of his films are adaptations, but the beauty of his work is that the final product has its own style and statement (Nelson, 1982)…
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Stanley Kubrick- A Life of Contributions to Film
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Download file to see previous pages “An awareness of contingency arises whenever there is a loss of faith in teleological explanations, in the received or discovered validity of meaning, in the rational structures of nature or the signifying power of mind and language” (Nelson, 1982.p. 13). Kubrick was not like those filmmakers who hold a mirror to nature, but rather he was one who creates his own experience. Kubrick himself said that he put forth substantial control over the final filmic product. His several films are considered major addition to generic canons like 2001: A Space Odyssey is a science fiction; The Shining is a horror film while Full Metal Jacket is on war. It seems that Kubrick texts surprisingly come and at once come to pass as part of the genre tradition, but no one can predict about his forthcoming films. Influential thematic and technical undercurrents are constantly running through each filmic text. A deep study of Kuberick’s work show that he was so absorbed with his selected stories and themes that he constantly tried new experiments with forms and used technique that take on his audience as well as deliver meaning. (Nelson, 1982) 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)  The film was popular not only for depicting future technological developments successfully, but also for engaging a generation. This film was based on a short story, Arthur C.Clarke’s “The Sentinel,”. In this film, the director presented four parts of the “epic” connected with a central idea: the development of human intelligence. 2001: A Space Odyssey is considered different, extraordinary, and exceptional science fiction films. A Space Odyssey has enjoyed an immense popular following since it was released in theaters in 1968. Kurbrick’s notion of detail performed via the renowned edit of the gloriously thrown bone metamorphosizing into the space vehicle both sums up and projects time (Phillip, 2006) A Clockwork Orange A Clockwork Orange (1971) left a powerful and positive impact on its audience because of the visual splendor of its special effect. The credit goes to the directors’ creative energy. A Clockwork Orange was adapted from a novel by Anthony Burgess (1962). A Clockwork Orange is a film, in which Kubrick put his artistic insights; he wrote the screenplay, controlled the shooting and did the editing (Kagan, 1972). The story of the film is in line with the novel and no significant modifications have been made. A Clockwork Orange is highly controlling film that engages the audience not only just to amuse them. To achieve this engagement of the audience, Kubrick goes through a complicated pattern of character development attracting the audience in and after that moving away from relaxed land to a new dimension. The character ‘Alex’ is a driving force for the viewer; his appearance, his voice and linking identification. The scenic cuts happen in hastily; beating an old drunk in a drain; an incredibly vicious gang fight; playing “Hog of the Road” in the stolen Durango 95, finishing with a visit to “Home” for the rape…” surprise visit.” In addition to all this, still the ‘ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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