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World Cinema Luis Bunuel - Research Paper Example

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As the paper outlines, Luis Bunuel diversified his style to merge film with art to engage renowned artists like Salvador Dali in their progress. Movies have been developed to include incentives developed by Luis that challenged rules as presented in the societal setting…
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World Cinema Luis Bunuel
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Download file to see previous pages The influential personalities accorded outstanding stature has contributed towards the formation of ideas and development plans that have driven change and competition. In the desire to compete for the customer’s preference, organizations have employed ideologies from renowned personalities who would endorse their products. Music and movies rely on outstanding directors and a renowned production company to offer the desired quality. These features have defined greatness and fame. Personalities gain their definition form in the contributions that they have made towards the development of an attribute. Factors considered to measure their contribution have been in the placed articles and works that have been erected to honor the contribution made towards development of the attribute. Most sources have provided reference on the information needed to analyze the nature of the personalities through their biography that holds the life contribution and influences. A more distinct measure that has been applied to gain knowledge on the contribution of a famous individual has been in the contribution that they made towards a given discipline. In the visual arts perspective, films have advanced to include technological provisions in the creation of advanced effects to accord a superb plot t the images. However, the ideas to create the films have been developed over the decade to include outstanding works that have been liked to their creators. Luis Bunuel has contributed adversely to the improvement of the visual arts and his input has been felt in films produced over the centuries. The creations of pieces to highlight the contributions made within a film have been reflected within the creations of the directors. Luis Bunuel is no exception, and the contributions that he inputted in the cinema development have been reflected in the creation of his films. These pieces have been based on the age that he had represented (1900-1983) (Diaz). Luis chose to reflect the time that he had represented and the virtues that had shaped the contributions of the community. This attribute had been the leading contribution towards the completion of the film with the virtues reflected to develop the plot. The inspiration to apply the style that he had used had been witnessed in the works of Fritz Lang and Murnau. The style that he had applied in the completion of film production was reliant on the personalities that inspired Luis to be involved in filmmaking. The style that Luis Applied in the creation of his films incorporated the Surrealism style. The inspiration had been drawn through working with the artist Salvador Dali to experiment on the features available to complete the film creation process. He had made the improvement create visual illusion in the films through using forms that presented ideas unknown to the natural development. The fiction applied in the majority of the films in the modern society has reflected on the provision to create numerous developments in their plot development. During his time, these ideologies had not been popular among the creators of the time. Through the creation of images that presented elements that held advanced meanings, Luis was able to be outstanding among other directors. The films that initially implemented the style that he had incorporated in the creation of his pieces like ‘Un Chien Andalou’ and ‘L’Age d’Or,’ observe the surrealistic style of creating the films (Diaz). These works are mostly outstanding due to the unique feature that they applied in the completion of their plot. Luis was a director ahead of his time as his ideas proved crucial in completing famous films.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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