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KNOWLEDGE CREATION IN KFIC     SALEH AL-OTHMAN     WEEK ONE         TABLE OF CONTENTS   Introduction 2 Discussion of the Problem 2 The KFC problem discussion in light of available literature 4 The importance of this problem to management researchers and practitioners…
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Proplem statment
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Download file to see previous pages This however does not hold up when the internal structure is considered. Employees see things very differently from an outside observer. My individual experience as a team leader and EVP in the company is that there is an absence of both satisfaction with the job and poor employee motivation to succeed. The company employs both Kuwaiti nationals and a number of expatriates. This observed lack of motivation has a negative effect on work habits and the consequent outcomes. There is a lack of enthusiasm in the workplace and the result is a failure to meet expected outcomes. Another difficulty is the relationship between management or leaders and workers or followers. Within KFIC, as discussed earlier in the module on management change, the making of decisions is kept within the upper layers of management at CEO level and with the company chairman. Others in the company, supposedly in positions of leadership are prevented from making decisions in their own rights as they are not given sufficient information, and have neither the skills required or the authority within the workplace that would enable them to do so. The other members of the work teams are well aware of this situation and this makes for poor co-worker relationships. Information is restricted to an elite and the result is a lack of motivation on the part of both team leaders and others. ...
This means that there is much private knowledge which must naturally be safeguarded. However unless leaders and workers have sufficient knowledge they are unlikely to be able to make required decisions and carry out tasks given to a satisfactory level. The KFC problem discussion in light of available literature In 2001 Guthrie discussed how the most successful businesses do not rely only upon their obvious assets, but also depend upon more intangible things such as knowledge creation and information held. This is something that KFIC needs to take hold of. They need to understand the importance of knowledge creation and the process of passing on necessary information. There have been a number of studies on the topic of knowledge management i.e knowledge creation, sharing and transfer according to Mitchell and Boyle ( 2010). They argue that for knowledge creation it is necessary to conceptualize knowledge and to build a consistency of operations. As Coff indicated in 2003 KFIC needs to create knowledge about organizational aspects of their operation, but also stress social aspects. Drucker (1998), as cited by Mitchell & Boyle, 2010) explained that it is employees rather that employers who should control and own knowledge production.   In their 2010 work Mitchell & Boyle give evidence based upon a number of earlier research studies about the importance of the creation of knowledge. This they say is because it both provides a means of competitive advantage in the market place, but also adds worth to an organization.. KFIC, as an organization, need to comprehend how important knowledge is to their future success. This should then motivate them to search for ways in which they can gain and create suitable aspects of knowledge. The knowledge ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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