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LS knolege creathion - Essay Example

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LS knolege creathion
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Download file to see previous pages There also needs to be consideration of the roles of leaders in relationship with other workers of lower positions. Having held a managerial position for several years I am aware of how difficult work becomes when other employees within KFIC suffer from low levels of motivation, and believe that the company’s culture needs to alter if higher levels of motivation are to be achieved, and so lead to greater success an an organization. PROBLEM  These are not new problems. There were discussed as long ago as two years ago, but despite this there have been no attempts by higher management to rectify the situation and to make improvements. Their only concern as far as motivation is concerned is upon the sales personnel, who were offered increased incentives to be based upon sales they achieved. The result for other employees was a further decrease in motivation as they were not only missing out financially, but felt overlooked and of lesser importance in the eyes of management. .   LITERATURE DISCUSSION  It was observed that communications were poor within the KFIC organization, despite the many communication tools, methods and technology now available to both employers and employees. In practise communication within the company is limited to immediate subordinates or seniors who are then responsible to pass the message on to the remainder of the organization as necessary. . Communication is a necessary means within any organization and leaders need to learn how to communicate across the whole company and not limit it messages up an down with immediate subordinates. According to Weick and Quinn (1999), lack of communication is a major factor in organizational failure, in particular during periods of transition and change. change. Organizational communication can be defined as “the process by which information is exchanged and understood by two or more people, usually with the intent to motivate or influence behavior” (Daft as cited by Frahm and Brown, 2006). This means that communication must be an important aspect that senior management, within KFIC or indeed any other group, need to accept necessity of, to learn more about and to put into practice. Such management initiatives can be expected to have a positive effect upon the motivation levels of their employees .And not just any communication, but such as is relevant to particular situations  This means that there must for instance be research, both general and specialised, in order that communication be at its most acceptable and effective. . Shrivastava (1987) believed that “standards for judging the usefulness of research results or knowledge claims depend on the needs of users, and the different ways in which research results are used”. This means that it is possible to reveal more of less data depending upon the necessity and usefulness of particular knowledge. .Shrivastava’s specifies the criteria of both rigor and relevance, these being based upon the writing of Evered and Louis (1981) and Shrivastava and Mitroff (1984). Evered and Louis 1981 concluded that we have to critically review assumptions such as quality, relevance, precision and meaning in the knowledge-yielding procedures. Shrivastava and Mitroff 1984 used FOR i.e. Frames of References. These had cognitive elements as well as operators. They use reality tests, cognitive maps of the exact area of inquiry, the degree of articulation used as well as considering any metaphors employed. .Thi swould involve both ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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