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Creating a Film Script: Out of the Storm and into the Light - Essay Example

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OUT OF THE STORM AND INTO THE LIGHT SCENE 1 FADE IN INTERIOR: DARKENED BEDROOM. EARLY MORNING Three knocks on a door, followed by muffled mumbling sounds. Startled, Kathleen jumps out of the bed, glances at the wall clock and scrambles to open the door and sees her mother staring angrily at her…
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Creating a Film Script: Out of the Storm and into the Light
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Download file to see previous pages MOTHER: (whirls back and angrily points a finger at her) How dare you answer back at me? You have no respect! KATHLEEN: (sighs in exasperation) Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I don’t wanna fight. It’s so early in the morning for God’s sake. Let me just change. FADE OUT CUT TO SCENE 2 INTERIOR: DAY. Sounds of sizzling bacon, sounds of the vacuum cleaner vacuuming, faint sound of the radio playing. MOTHER: (shouting over the noise) Kathleen, is breakfast ready? KATHLEEN: (also shouting) Yeah, mom. MOTHER: Okay, go wake your brothers. Kathleen shuts off vacuum cleaner, retrieves bacon from skillet, gets plates, spoons, forks, and knives, and distributes them on table. She runs up the stairs and knocks on the doors to her brothers’ rooms. KATHLEEN: (shouting) Breakfast!! As she rounds the corner, she suddenly barrels into her father. KATHLEEN: Woops. Sorry Dad, I wasn’t looking. Hey, its breakfast time. DAD: (yawns and stretches) Good morning, Kat. Dad looks concernedly at her harried looking daughter. DAD: Busy day already? KATHLEEN: (shrugs her shoulder) Yeah, well, you know, how Ma is. DAD: (sighs) Yeah, I know. Want me to talk to her? KATHLEEN: Nah, it’s okay dad, I don’t wanna be any trouble. And I’m kinda in a hurry, I don’t wanna be late for class. ...
Of course we’re having this conversation again. She has always been your favorite so why should I be wondering why you’re always defending her. DAD: (sighs in exasperation) I don’t have favorites and I am not defending her. I’m just saying, you let her do all the chores, without assigning the boys atleast some of the chores, and even without doing some of them yourself. MOM: That’s her duty, she’s a woman and she should know these chores. I should tell you that I knew how to do all those chores when I was even younger than her. DAD: (angrily) Just because your mother treated you like the house help does not mean you should treat your daughter the same way. MOM: (also gets mad and raises her voice) I am not treating her like the house help. I am treating her like a mother should treat her daughter. In the dining area, brothers Randy 7, Warren 9, and Robert 11 are having breakfast and hearing the muffled sounds of their parents fighting. Kathleen fresh from her shower and ready for school makes it down the stairs frowningly while listening to her parents fight about her. She goes to the kitchen and sits down with her brothers. Kathleen: (smiles at her anxious brothers) C’mon guys, eat up, else we’ll be late for school. Everyone is quiet as they finish their meal and while still hearing their parents fight. Two of the boys finish their meal and head upstairs to get ready for school. Her brother Robert, aged 11 helps Kathleen wash the dishes and clear the table. Kathleen rushes Robert out to get ready for school. Doors slam and her mother storms out of the master bedroom and stomps her way down the stairs and into the kitchen. She points angrily at Kathleen. MOM: Fine! From on Kathleen, you are not lifting a finger. You shall be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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