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The Blue Kite by Tian Zhuangzhuang - Essay Example

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The ability to convey a dramatic message is the basis of most films. The expression that is created is based on an emotional response that can be used to provide insight to the audience about a given situation…
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The Blue Kite by Tian Zhuangzhuang
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Extract of sample "The Blue Kite by Tian Zhuangzhuang"

Download file to see previous pages These significant historical events are used to tie together the overall dramatic expression of the time while showing the debates that were a part of Beijing in the 1950s.
Shot – by – Shot Analysis
The scene which shows the historical and dramatic features most is in the climax and end portion. This begins with the soldiers that are surrounding Tietou’s father. The scene begins with a close up shot of glasses being knocked onto the ground then leads into a symbol of the new army of China. This is surrounded by voices that are shouting for Tietou’s father to get up. A close shot then moves into Tietou’s father, who is passed out then immediately zooms out to show the soldiers, all as children, who are surrounding him. The camera stays in this same position with a girl who continues to hit the father combined with the soldiers pushing the father. The noise, quick zooms and subject matter shown combines to show the drama of the situation while combining the political upheaval of the situation within this one section. The change occurs with a close up zoom to the soldiers that are on one side with the statement to get a stretcher. The camera then goes back and forth between close ups of the soldiers and of the father who is still being beaten and pushed. The scene changes to a close up of Tietou’s mom who is outside by a tree. The scene changes by showing her walk into the building after hearing shouting from the street. The scene continues by a zoom out of an aisle with soldiers on each side and her walking in the middle. A close up is shown of her pushing to tell the soldiers to stop because of his heart failure. The shouting at this point stops to listen to her; however, it quickly changes when a political statement is made about counter – revolutionary. This again heightens the tension of the scene, specifically with the political term used and the movement from the close up of his wife to the soldiers surrounding the area. The scene then changes to show the soldiers carrying his father down the steps in a stretcher and each soldier pushing the other. The drama heightens when the soldiers move to the streets and begin shouting “Down with Wu Leishing.” A close up is shown of the man who is now unconscious then moves into the soldiers shouting. The wife is shown as being pushed by the soldiers, then is followed by Tietou coming in and pushing toward his father then his mother. The camera stays with a mid – zoom to show the boy running into the soldiers; however, it doesn’t show the heads of the soldiers. The perspective is one of the little boy as he runs to find his parents. The pushing moves to a close up shot of the boy being pushed and of close ups of his mother trying to meet him. This is combined with the yelling with “mom” being heard over the other shots and with the mom’s expression going to her son as she is slapped by the soldiers. Music starts at this point to highlight the drama of the mother and son being torn apart by the soldiers. As the music continues, the soldiers state to beat him to death, throw him on the ground and leave. A close up shot is shown of Tietou glancing up to get his mother, than going to find a piece of wood and to run after the soldiers. The music continues in the back with close up angles. The highlight of this part is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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