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Customer Relationship Management - Assignment Example

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In the today’s era of technological, scientific, and industrial boom, organizations are now surging ahead and transmitting its data about their customers, sales activities, marketing techniques, and other practices from manual to automated systems…
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Customer Relationship Management
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"Customer Relationship Management"

Download file to see previous pages The CRM is fully featured software with an architecture that encompasses the features of “Customer Service, Sales Management, and Marketing Automation” (Tomkinson, pp. 10-12, 2007). The CRM solution has many advantages and limitations with it. The software diminishes and decrease the cost of ownership but the difficult user interface becomes a challenge associated to it. Since the CRM solution provides a wide range of benefits to the organizations and efficient output come under generation, therefore, organizations tend to implement CRM as it provides one platform to maintain the database and integrate the business processes. Numerous organizations from the world have implemented the CRM software and are getting benefit from it. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 4 CRM Architecture 6 CRM and Contact Management 8 Benefits of CRM 8 Limitations of CRM 9 Why does an organization require CRM? 10 Consequences of CRM in adopting CRM technology 10 Conclusion & Recommendations 11 References 13 Introduction to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) The world today is shrinking with the emergence of the concept of globalization and the businesses and customers are in correlation to each other on a global platform. Therefore, it has become essential and indispensable for any organization to maintain their customer related information, sales records, statistics and forecast, and their marketing techniques on a distinct and single platform or database where all the information come under integration to each other. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the approach or program that comes into practice by an organization on a broad perspective in order to administer, operate, and handle the communication and dealings of the enterprise with its consumers and prospects (Buttle, pp. 3-4, 2008). Some people also view CRM as a company strategy whose focal point is its customers and their contentment and complacency is of top priority for the organization along with the prime goals and objectives of augmenting the earnings, productivity, prosperity, and success. The history of CRM reveals the information that it is not an old concept; rather it has emerged in the middle of the last century and acquired acceptance, awareness and popularity with the development and advancements in technological marketing software. The twenty first century gave boost to the Customer Relationship Management software and IT dealers made the wide utilization of this software and launched their customized systems as CRM (Vogt, pp. 2-4, 2009). The application of CRM comes under exercise and practice with the use of technology to systematize, standardize, automate, synchronize, integrate and amalgamate the business processes and functions that embrace the customer support and services, sales exercise and marketing of products. In a broad-spectrum, the CRM has been designed with a perspective and vision to search for new prospects, influence or catch their attention through the marketing techniques and convert the prospects into customers, along with fostering, persuading and providing support to the existing clients of the organization in order to sustain them as well (Ed., pp. 6-7, 2008). CRM focuses on evaluating, assessing, signification, and prioritizing the association its customers while putting this course of action into practice. CRM program come under design in such a way that it has all the tools and techniques available that maintains the customer information in detail since ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Customer Relationship Management
...? Relation Management relationship management is a business based strategy plan involving software, methodologies, and typically internet abilities that assist business handle customer relationships in a structured way. This aims to trim down costs and boost profitability by solidifying client loyalty. Customer relationship management may have a key impact on a business through: changing the attention from merchandise to client streamlining the offer to what the client requires, not what the business can make (Battle, 2008). This stresses the competencies required for a successful...
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Customer Relationship Management
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...Customer Relationship Management The twenty first century is often stated as the age of consumers. The aspect of globalisation has triggered a wave of competition as organizations are desperately reaching out to new markets to capture a share of the market. The increased competition has put the customer at the driver’s seat and it is the main focus of business strategists in different organizations. This has enhanced the importance of loyalty which is perhaps the reason why firms are increasingly resorting to induce better Customer Relationship Management policies so as to retain and manage...
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Customer Relationship Management
...? Relationship Management A Review of the Evolution of Relationship Marketing and its Implications for Business Introduction to the Text What is the Importance of Relationship Marketing? In recent times, the general management of organizations and companies across the globe has in recent times been faced with a myriad of various challenges in light of the fast changing economies, and times. This has forced companies to try and evolve their operations and how they interact with their customers so as for these companies to be able to survive in this fast changing environment. The changes taking place in the various companies have not been...
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
...or group customers into clusters. Members of clusters share common characteristics which may be concluded as leaning towards a support, need or want of specific products. This way companies may determine the approaches they need to apply for specific customer groups or clusters. Aside from the actual selling techniques of companies, marketing strategies propel organizations to higher profits and bigger market share. According to the American Marketing Association, "Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in...
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...Why PepsiCo should care about relationship management BY YOU YOUR ACADEMIC ORGANISATION HERE YOUR HERE HERE Why PepsiCo should care about customer relationship management Introduction Customer relationship management (CRM) involves a blend of different business tools and strategies which focus on reorienting the entire business to concentrate on customer satisfaction. CRM tools can include software programmes which keep record of customer demographic information or online browsing preferences. In addition, a business can position its entire brand as one which is focused on customer relationships, such as emphasising a company value which is congruent to consumer values. Regardless of the specific model used from organisation... to...
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Customer Relationship Management
...1. Introduction 1 Background The present marketing environment in the face of increasing global competition poses challenges with the rapid entryof innovative products and maturity conditions in certain markets. Technology has pervaded every field in any business today. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one such tool that integrates technologies and business processes to satisfy the needs of the customer (Bose, 2002). CRM has been defined as an interactive process that achieves an optimum balance between corporate investments and the satisfaction of customer needs to generate the maximum profit (Gebert, Geib, Kolbe & Brenner, 2003). CRM involves...
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Marketing ( Customer Relationship Management )
...Importance of Implementing a Service System That Is both Effective and Efficient relationship management is crucial for the success of any organization as it helps in managing the relationships between customers and the business. Customer relationship management will entail dealing with all aspects of dealings that a company has with its customers, and it is important for an organization to have a customer relationship management system as it helps in managing the interaction between the firm and its clients whether it is...
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Customer Relationship Management
...Customer Relationship ManagementCustomer relationship management, or CRM, can broadly be defined as a basic company-wide strategy that has been carefully drafted so as to help the company or organisation in being able to increase its profitability and reduce costs by firmly solidifying the customer loyalty that the organisation enjoys. It is for this reason that for CRM to be able to function effectively, it is of vital importance that relevant information and data from both outside and within the company is brought together and analysed so as to provide a holistic view of each of the organisation’s...
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Customer Relationship Management Essay
...C.R.M is acronym for Resource Management. It is a trend and practice of most modern organizations. The modern organizations are driven by customer care and customer consideration. In such situations special customers’ related matters are handled by a separate and dedicated department in the name of customers’ resource management. This department deals with all the problems, concerns, and issues of customers. C.R.M benefits: C.R.M is a source of connection between the customers and organizations, it allows knowing what the customers exactly want, and how do they want it, based on their...
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