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Hiring veterans into organizations - Term Paper Example

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Hiring veterans into organizations Table of Contents Introduction 3 Background 3 Current Thinking 5 Relationship to current/other organization with which the student is familiar 7 Conclusion 9 Reference 12 Introduction Organizations in the USA have been increasingly showing interest and eagerness in the hiring of veterans…
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Hiring veterans into organizations
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Download file to see previous pages The measure to hire these people shows their concern and attempt to recognize their contributions, sacrifice, skills and service towards society. Since 1980, the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS) in the United States Department of Labor (DOL) is trying to raise awareness and concern about the need and value of recruiting veterans. ‘VETS’ has also been trying to launch new initiatives for increasing their engagement and association with employers and organizations with special focus on the private sector. The employment of veterans accounts for one of the priorities for the Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis. The reason why the above topic has been chosen is to bring out the contributions of veterans in organizations and the significance of hiring them. They have been identified as peak performers and are also proven sources of talent. Moreover their immense importance in the organization is based on the fact that they can yield an immediate bottom line benefit as they are established credentialed and because their skills and abilities have been tested and shaped under various opportunities and challenging circumstances (Burnell, “A Trained, Ready and Proven Source of Talent”). ...
Out of its total employee strength, 50 percent of them are military veterans. A major portion of the veterans work overseas with the US forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, which provides insight into the correlation between the skills of the soldiers and the skills required for the attainment of success for the civilian workforce of today. The project highlights on the challenges faced by managers in translating the military skills into the civilian job experiences (Hadley, “What employers are doing”). The hiring of veterans creates certain hurdles in confronting with the challenges of inducing the internal culture of the organization with that of the new recruits. Moreover it is important that the organization understands the nation’s military services. Veterans are increasingly confronted with the problem of finding jobs in organizations which do not understand their military services. Veterans have to play the crucial role of bridging the gap between the civil recruiters and their experience through an interview with a single resume. It is important that organizations identify the gaps and make their working environment well suited for the workings of veterans (Hadley, “What employers are doing”). As presented by the Carlos Echalar, executive Vice President in the human resource department at ManTech International the human resource departments in organizations recruiting veterans feel the need to translate the military skills into civilian service experience as challenging as that of speaking in two different languages. Understanding the responsibilities involved in active duty is ingrained in the organizational culture of ManTech’s. The organization has been associated with numerous defense organizations since ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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