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Comparison of Film & Television Experts believe that film or cinema is more glamorous, whereas, television is something that allows people to relate them with it. However, this has been possible due to numerous reasons, and one of the major reasons is difference between studio and location techniques of television and film that distinguish them from each other…
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Comparison of Film and Television
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Comparison of Film & Television Experts believe that film or cinema is more glamorous, whereas, television is something that allows people to relate them with it. However, this has been possible due to numerous reasons, and one of the major reasons is difference between studio and location techniques of television and film that distinguish them from each other. From this understanding, this paper will include discussion and comparison of different studio and production techniques of film and television that will enable a comprehensive understanding of the topic. In particular, television uses the screen of thirty-five mm that is half of the screen under utilization in film and cinema, which is seventy mm. This indicates that television and film uses different studio and location techniques while keeping in view the required result of either 35 or 70 mm. Besides abovementioned norms and technical aspect, analysis has indicated that television and film both utilize similar grammar of shooting techniques to carry out their production while depending on different discussed factors that differentiates the two technologies. For instance, when it comes to camera techniques, both television and film have a variety of shots, such as long, establishing, close-up, wide-angle, tilted, etc.. However, it is an observation that television depends more on close-up shots, whereas, film directors use different shots while using more of long and establishing shots, as well as wide-angle shots that allows the directors to come up with glamorous shots with stunning scenery in the behind on 70 mm screen. Besides, television includes utilization of some other techniques, such as simultaneous time technique that allows the producer/director to display two shots at the same time on split screen to show dialogues of two individuals. However, as film directors use long shot techniques so they usually do not feel the need to use such technique. In addition, television directors often use flashback technique to show past events to the viewers that is not usually observable in films. Whereas, films use techniques, such as slow motion to illustrate slowing down of an action to add excitement; reverse motion to add comedy to the film, etc. Lastly, when it comes to sound, television productions usually use studio sound, whereas, film productions depend on selective sound to enhance quality, as well as dubbed dialogue to acquire highest sound quality without any noise. In addition to camera techniques, analysis has indicated that television productions usually indoor studio facilities, and thus, there is usually no concerns about lighting due to their setting on a grid allowing easy management. However, in films, directors usually use KFB technique that includes key, fill, and back lights that enable the directors to acquire primary light to arouse the natural light from key light. Experts believe that key technique should be in elevation of thirty to forty-five degrees. Besides, fill technique enables the directors to soften the shadow, one of the reasons that viewers do not see any shadows in the films, and it is an observation that such practice exists in television productions as well. In addition, besides such techniques, film directors have to take care of the camera and lighting equipments on outdoor shootings, whereas, it is not the case in television productions due to most of its dependence on indoor shoots. When it comes to audio, once again, television producers do not worry due to soundproof recording studios; however, when it comes to films, as earlier discussed, sound directors often have to use the technique of sound dubbing, whereas, in television, crew use equipments, such as shotgun condenser to record the audio without any hassle. Nevertheless, it is an observation that nowadays, a huge number of directors are using boom operators and shotgun condensers on outdoor locations as well due to availability of high quality of equipments that can distinguish noise and sound easily, and remove the noise effectively. Lastly, in particular, in television, producer enjoys the complete authority and has all the responsibility to manage entire process of production that involves pre-production, production, and post-production phases. However, when it comes to film and cinema, it is an observation that producer enjoys freedom, as one can see art directors, set directors, outdoor production directors, etc that carry out the production and shooting procedures under the guidance of producer and director. In addition, until few years ago, television producers have been following rigid norms of tight budgets, poor resolution, multi-camera shots, and most of the production on indoor shoot that is almost contrary to what film or cinema production is all about, which includes outdoor shooting, high resolution, huge budgets, flexible schedules, etc. In conclusion, the paper included discussion on different techniques under utilization in television and film productions. It is anticipation that the discussion will be beneficial for students in critical understanding of the topic. Read More
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