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Does A Star is Born Represent the Real Judy Garland - Essay Example

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The Hollywood Representation of Judy Garland The ability to convey reality in specific feature films is one which many Hollywood producers worked to do with various films. In “A Star is Born” there is the ideology of representing the life of Judy Garland and the several dramas which she experienced during her lifetime…
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Does A Star is Born Represent the Real Judy Garland
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Download file to see previous pages The story is used as a Hollywood flick to grab the attention of the audience and to create a strong basis to help with advertising and production of the film. The concepts that are approached in “A Star is Born” comes from the ideology of asking Garland to perform after she had not produced a movie for over four years. This particular method is one which immediately grabbed attention, specifically because those in public were interested in what had happened to the young actress since her growth and fame. This approach drew the attention of society and was able to form a sense of culture and ideologies around the actress that everyone had loved as one of the brightest of Hollywood. Since this was the main ideology, Hollywood attempted to change the main approaches which were taken while trying to highlight Garland as one that had continuous success with every part of her life (Haver, 7). The need to enhance the publicity of the movie was followed with trying to highlight Garland as a success story. The first part of the movie, which is inclusive of Nelson helping Garland to get her start in the movies and to build her success with her first musical are parts of Garland’s career that were true. ...
r first movie and went and out of fame, specifically which could be seen with the decision not to make a film in four years and the problems which occurred with some of her later films in terms of critiques and acting styles. The double standard which was a part of her career, including the heightened success and the lower aspects, were not highlighted in the movie and only were able to show the positive parts of her career (McGilligan, 217). The other parts of Garland’s life were fictional, specifically with the relationship that was highlighted throughout the story and the effects which this had on the character of Garland. Norman is the husband of Garland who helps her to get her start as a famous actress. However, in doing so, he loses his prestige as an actor. He moves into gambling, drinking and other lifestyle dependencies that cause Garland to be the main character of him in the household. This leads him to acting up on stage as a drunk, being arrested for gambling and continuing to use drugs. This also leads to his tragedy of committing suicide because of his downfall. These particular concepts are a reflection of Garland; however, it was Garland who had the several problems. She was known to be millions of dollars in debt, went through four divorces and was on drugs as well as faced several illnesses throughout her life. She gave birth to three children during her marriages; however, she remained caught in between the illnesses, stardom and problems with the several drugs and other influences that were surrounding her personal life (Clarke, 5). The several known facts about Garland’s life were not presented in the film. Instead, Garland is seen in “A Star is Born” as one who only carries the problems of her husband. She is seen as wealthy, takes care ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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