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The essay "An Artistic and Intellectual Revolution" explores Renaissance. It led to the growth of a spirit of curiosity and investigation, which led to great dissatisfaction with the medieval spirit. Like Hayes, Moon andWayland motion to declare "a representative of art. …
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An Artistic and Intellectual Revolution
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Download file to see previous pages The greatest service that the Renaissance was the liberation of the human spirit and the birth of an original thought. This led to rapid progress in all spheres of activity. It also led to various movements, which took place at the same time, such as the emergence of new geographical discoveries and political reform movement that inaugurated the modern era. Renaissance spirit that emerged during the Middle Ages. Currently in Europe lived in the spiritual tyranny of the church. As the dogmatic attitude of the church was a spiritual concern, as quiet and patient, the development of thought. Seeds of independent thought, which are seeded trees grown in the Middle Ages in modern times. Several factors have contributed to the success of the Renaissance. Ideas that are not based on reason cannot continue indefinitely. The clergy in the church, in practice, acted contrary to the principles of true Christianity that is preached. This faith in the ideas of commitment to the universal Church and the universal rule. Original thinkers like Roger Bacon and Peter Abelard succeeded in weakening the intellectual authority of the church with new trails. Peter Abelard (1079 1142) considered it essential to apply the principles of reason to Scripture. In his view, the mysteries of Christianity are not taken for granted. They were examined in the light of reason and intelligence. Original thinkers like Roger Bacon and Peter Abelard succeeded in weakening the intellectual authority of the church with new trails. Peter Abelard (1079 1142) considered it essential to apply the principles of reason to Scripture. In his view, the mysteries of Christianity are not taken for granted. They were examined in the light of reason and intelligence. Another revolutionary thinker was Roger Bacon (1214-1294). Aristotle criticized the church severely. He agreed in the past, everything that was reasonable and worked patiently for the cause of the new spirit. With an open mind and the spirit of scientific research, studied subjects like math, physics, natural sciences and philosophy. He had the vision to anticipate the latest invasions and wrote about the possibility of having a boat without oars, without draft animals, vehicles and flying machines. However, because of the bold approach of Bacon and original thought, he earned the enmity of the church, which was punished, and Peter Abelard. The Fall of Constantinople led to a widespread and systematic study of the Greek heritage. After Constantinople, the great center of civilization and culture, fell to the Ottoman Turks, the Greek scholars fled to various parts of Europe that emit the great ideas of ancient Greece. Thus, the enthusiasm for the study of the classics was injected into the minds of Europeans. (Pink Monkey, 2011) The rapid spread of ideas was made possible by the introduction of printing. A mid-15th century, Johannes Gutenberg was able to operate the first movable type in Mainz in Germany, where the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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