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Computer Generated Imagery - Essay Example

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This paper discusses Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) in modern cinematography. Without any doubts, CGI is one of the most important technologies, which is responsible for revolutionizing the film, television, video games industry, and even entire media…
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Computer Generated Imagery
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Download file to see previous pages Another important reason why CGIs are worth the appreciation and support is that they have allowed and encouraged the filmmakers to broaden the horizon of their imaginations. What we saw in inception and 2012 recently, there is the probability that the directors of 70s or 80s may have thought on these lines but failed to translate their imaginations and ideas on screen because of absence of this technology. Today, the filmmakers have the liberty to think beyond what is known by science and technology. In fact, with their imagination and its on screen translation with the help of CGI, filmmakers even provide new directions to the scientists and experts to think (Page, pp. 52-59). Moreover, it has also benefited the video game industry because now it has become possible for the videogame creators to produce videogames of many movies and television series, which are on screen. Examples like Tomb Raider, Max Payne, Saw, Home Alone, Hit Man, Resident Evil, Doom, Mortal Kombat, Prince of Persia, The Karate Kid, The Mask of Zorro, Star Wars, Street Fighters, Spider Man, Alice in wonderland and others (Miller, Vandome & McBrewster, pp 152-155). CGI has allowed people to achieve real and higher level entertainment from the movies. Without any doubts, the audience usually forms strong associations with the movies, their characters, plots, and scenarios. Furthermore, moviemakers earn a lot from these movies as compared to other professions. This is because the people are ready to pay huge amounts to see certain movies. The point here is that with CGI, the entertainment industry, in the real scene has been the “entertainment” industry. People are getting value for their money. They get to see stuff, which is beyond their imagination, they heroes doing...
This paper talks about a very interesting today's problem - CGI. CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery and it refers to any static or moving visual image whose creation or finishing had become possible due to the help and graphics added by the computer.
Film industry like any other industry is facing the pressures of globalization and competition. Gone are the days when filmmakers had no concern about the budgets of the film, expenses, and costs of the projects only because the idea and the cast of the film were too strong. Producers are now looking for efficient methods of filmmaking with maximum and high quality results. Much of the technological innovation is the result of the same and so is the CGI technology. It allows the filmmakers to save great amount of time, money, and effort. With CGI, filmmakers do not have to make efforts towards gathering the entire cast, crew on a single shooting location for a scene but a scene can be shot at any location, and CGI will do the rest. Furthermore, CGI can also create scenes, which are not only costly but dangerous as well.
The paper concludes that in the absence of CGI or in the absence of the recent advancements, which have taken place in CGI, the audience would have found themselves deprived of much needed entertainment and imagination. CGI has not only revolutionized but also provided great benefits to the industry and the audiences. However, it is important for the filmmakers not to lose focus of other essential elements of filmmaking while using CGI. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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