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Thierrys enthusiasm - Essay Example

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A choice of the right movie depends on several variables, such as the preference of the genre, presence of favorite actors and current mood. But there is one category of films that is not influenced mentioned factors. …
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Thierrys enthusiasm
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Download file to see previous pages When you watch documentary film, you may be amazed, thrilled, disappointed or upset with it, but the most fascinating thing is to realize that all your emotions are based on a real story without any exaggerations or embellishments. Each documentary movie reaches, educates and compels you to think about not only the main character’s deeds, but also about your own personality, life and future.One of the didactic movies is “Exit through the Gift Shop” by Jaimie D’Cruz. In the center of the plot, there is Thierry Guetta, ordinary Frenchman, who moved to Los Angeles in 1990s. When he was eleven years old, his mother died and the boy was taken away to live with his relatives. Later on, he grew up, got married, raised two beautiful daughters and started to earn money by selling old clothes for extremely high prices. From the first sight, there is nothing special in Thierry’s life. But when you get to know this guy better, his little passion reveals itself. No matter what Thierry does or where he goes, there is always a video camera. “The moment it came in my hand, I could not let it go. It was obsession”, Thierry says (Exit through the Gift Shop). Since that time Thierry never gets apart with a camera, trying to capture different moments of life to make them live forever. Though he never watches the tapes, which he makes, he continues to collect them in boxes in his house as the biggest memory of crucial events. As Thierry’s the greatest liking keeps on growing, his attention catches absolutely new object of filming – street art. ...
In spite of the fact that many other young artists refuse to allow Thierry to tape their masterpieces, he finds variable ways to hear consent. Thierry gets amazed by all these people and takes so great interest in taping street art that occasionally he receives warnings from police. He comprehends a danger of his hobby, but for Thierry it is all another challenge, which makes him feel good. With a camera in his hand Thierry takes part in art creation, climbing with Banksy on the roofs of the houses or going to Disneyland to tape his friend’s inventions. Several years later, after not quite successful film “Life Remote Control”, which Thierry makes out of tremendous number of his video tapes, he decides to switch from taping street art to creating the art per se. With a solid goal to make a grand show named “Life is beautiful” Mister Brainwasher, as Thierry calls himself, puts all his money in a new dream. He hires a lot of builders, sculptors, designers, promoters, whose main task is to implement Thierry’s ideas into reality. The work starts in a full swing and even an accident with Thierry’s broken leg does not slow down the pace. A couple of last weeks of preparations are extremely intense for the whole crew. At last the opening day comes and over four thousand people attend the exhibition. By the end of the first week pieces of art with a total cost near one million dollars are rapidly sold. Famous Madonna asks Thierry to make a cover for her Greatest Hits Collection. Abruptly Mister Brainwasher is sensationally accepted by the audience. Analyzing this documentary movie, a viewer can easily study the whole process of dream realization from the very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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