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Zombies: The Supernatural and the Reality - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "Zombies: The Supernatural and the Reality" comments on the phenomenon of zombies. It is stated that zombies had been both entertaining and phenomenal characters featured in movies that dwell with horror and gore…
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Zombies: The Supernatural and the Reality
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Extract of sample "Zombies: The Supernatural and the Reality"

Download file to see previous pages Whatever negative connotations are attached to zombies, these supernatural beings are sought after in films because they twist the imagination of the ordinary citizen. However, going into the deeper implications of zombies upon human reality, one can see that there are different views to interpret their presence in the film industry. High-grossing movies such as “The Night of the Living Dead” and “The Land of the Dead” all give testament to the kind of society the one can have when mishap comes into context. This can be related to political affairs. In reality, political authority is important in order to have stability. However, when a political mishap occurs, control and assurance are suddenly lost.
In a political sense, structural realists call a society devoid with the proper heading a zombie state. These zombie states are those sovereignties which lack solid government institutions, thus the society they govern over are let loose (Drezner). This means that people are not subjected to proper control. Execution of laws and decrees is not carried through and effectively do not reach the people. A probable outcome expected from a zombie state is anarchy (Drezner). This inference actually makes sense because zombie films portray a society which lacks order. In the mentioned films, chaos is present within a community swarming with flesh-hungry zombies and hysterical escaping human beings. Anarchy due to political disintegration also reflects the same case. People go out of control because of the absence of peace and order. Power-hungry politicians – the primary cause of political meltdown – turn the nation into a zombie state. They, themselves, become the zombies of their society. These mindless beings turn the ordinary citizen into a zombie who can loot and cause trouble because of the anarchical society.
Liberal institutionalists have the same sentiments with structural realists. Their approach focuses more on the strength of the policies rather than the institutions who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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