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Tracing the development of painting - Term Paper Example

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The essay analyzes the development of painting. The origin, growth and development of Art as an innovative medium of self expression is closely related to the development of human civilization. Within this context, the development of painting as one of the remarkable modes of self expression is relevant…
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Tracing the development of painting
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Extract of sample "Tracing the development of painting"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Tracing the development of painting" discovers the development of painting. The chronological discussion of painting styles proves the difference in visual characteristics but with a number of similarities and are related to each other in some way or other. This painting style was originated around 1600s and influenced the following centuries. Besides, this form of painting style is rich and deep in color, and the intense usage of light and shadow. The exponents of Baroque style made use of the most exact moment or the dramatic point of events arouse emotionality in the minds of viewers. One of the best examples for Baroque as a painting style is The Deposition by Caravaggio. Neoclassicism dominated the European art from 18th century to 19th century. Neoclassicism was basically a reaction against Rococo style in European Art. As a painting style, Neoclassicism gave due importance to Roman and Greek art. Its influence is not limited to the sphere of painting, but it extends to other forms of art like literature and architecture. One of the best examples for Neoclassicism as a painting style is The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David. Realism originated in Europe, especially in France, in 1850s. Besides, it was a movement against Romanticism. Realism was totally against the emotionalism projected by Romanticism, and was in favor of the ideology of Objective Realism. So, truth and accuracy were the fundamental principles of Realism in painting. In short, realism gave due importance....
Impressionism: Impressionism originated in Paris, as an Art movement in 19th century. The name Impressionism is originated from Claude Monet’s art work, namely ‘Impression, Sunrise’. The usage of thin brushstrokes, perfect lighting, usage of ordinary subjects, and strange visual angles are some of its main characteristics. One of the best examples for Impressionism is The Abduction of Egypt by Shwidkiy Andrey (see appendix -4). Post-Impressionism: Post-Impressionism was developed in France during 1880s. Roger Fry, the renowned British Art critic was behind the creation of the term Post-Impressionism. Post-Impressionism was an extension of Impressionism, but rejected the limitations of Impressionism. The exponents of Post-Impressionism gave more importance to geometric forms. The usage of unnatural color in paintings is one of the most important features of Post-Impressionism. One of the best examples for Post-Impressionism is Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh (See appendix – 5). Cubism: Cubism transformed the scenario of painting in Europe and deeply influenced other forms of art like sculpture and music. The basic element of Cubism is to break down the object, analyze it, and to re- assemble the same. This helps the painter to present the art work with difference in subject matter. The usage of random angles is the most important aspect of cubism. One of the best examples for Cubism is Guernica by Pablo Picasso (see appendix-7). Geometric abstraction: Geometric abstraction is based on abstract art. Besides, it is based on non-objective and two dimensional models. It rejects exaggeration and illusionistic modes of painting and makes use of canvas as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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