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The perception of women throughout paintings - Essay Example

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The paper “The perception of women throughout paintings” gives detailed information about the concept of creating the woman from the painter’s philosophies as an object and belonging to the “other,” which was misunderstood in society. …
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The perception of women throughout paintings
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Download file to see previous pages The ideal was based on offering the same rights in terms of politics, welfare and with work.  Women were known at this time to hold a secondary status to men.  This was combined with the Victorian and Romantic ideologies, which held that social status depicted the outcome of individuals in society, both in terms of monetary resources, education and the connections one had to others in society.  Women during this time were known to work as a secondary component to men, often being redirected away from education and the ability to work.  The status of the women during this time began to be questioned, with the emergence of feminism making claims that women should have equal opportunities within society (Haan et al, 2006: 1).
The concept of women as having a secondary status to men in society during the early 20th century also led to different symbols and ideals which were represented in the art.  Women, in general, were noted as a commodity to men, specifically which were designated to remain in the home and care for children.  The interests women had as well as the way in which their natures were represented continued with making them appear as a commodity or object in the private and public spheres.  The boundaries which were drawn were not only based on the concept of the feminist object, but also continued with the depiction of the appearance of women that was often misunderstood.  The concept of the other in women during this time....
The boundaries which were drawn were not only based on the concept of the feminist object, but also continued with the depiction of the appearance of women that was often misunderstood. The social stigma was followed by the representation of women in appearance, specifically which created boundaries with women as belonging to the ‘other.’ The social stigma and the interests of women created the belief that women belonged to an outside object of culture, making them as a specimen of artwork that could be used to create links to the other and to the object (Phillips, Steiner, 1999, pg. 3). The concept of the other in women during this time, as well as the conflict with the social status of women, led many artists to creating new approaches to the representation of women in the artworks. Perception and interpretation of the status of women as the other were the main concepts, specifically which were based on the challenges of the time. The changes which occurred were based on the idea of developing a sense of deformity of the women and showing them not only as aesthetic objects, but also ones which were represented as the other and which held a place in society which was second class and outside of the boundaries of others in society. This particular approach to deformity is one which also broke against the concepts of traditional artwork and was a part of the experimentation of the time. The physical appearance not being one of beauty, but instead representing a sense of distortion and an approach to the body as being a part of the other in society became the main ideology which was a part of the paintings during this time ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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