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Visual culture - Essay Example

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Visual Culture Introduction Visual culture is an in-depth analysis of how different visual products are used to express culture ad defined by different beliefs, values interaction patterns that differentiate between social groups. This study utilizes the close links between culture and art which amplifies events that artist experience within their culture…
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Visual culture
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Download file to see previous pages Just like in any other artistic work visual products tell a story from the perspective of its creator and interpreted by its user. Illustrations are a group of visual art that includes drawings, paintings and photographs. This essay describes how drawing and paintings are used to define gender, gender roles, social events and economic differences among different cultures. To do this specific cited art works have been analyzed in relation to time of production and social economic environment within that time. Visual art: paintings and drawings Art causes people to look closer at social issues, other people, their emotions, the environment and life forms around us. It brings out issues that are usually ignored or are not easily perceived through highlighting the impressions that such issues communicate (Mirzeoff 2002, p. 10-180). Through illustrations such as pictures, drawings and paintings artist provide their audience opportunities to change their thinking perspective and appreciation of messages behind the art. Close analysis of drawings and pictures one is able to understand the artist’s self expression through their visual product. Audience find ways to draw encouragement, purpose and excitement about the things expressed. Simple statements presented through visual material such beauty of landscape, unique culture, political environment, social events and others help the artist to communicate an idea, emotion or purpose in their work. It remains clear that culture influence art and hence visual products may be understood through the perspective of the culture that inspired them. Different cultures have a different view on social, political, economic activities and the role of different sections of their populations. While some sections allow for liberal thinking and free self exploration, others are conservative remaining rigid to structural changes that limit level of adjustment and self expressions. As a result, some art may not be appeasing to the rest of the world but to the culture that inspired them they may be the most beautiful visual products. Gender roles and socialization patterns can be analyzed through close comparison of inspiring factors of different eras and environmental factors. There is a great difference between drawings and photographs done earlier and those done within the era of modern art which stretches from 19th century to date. In the modern era artist are inspired by style, color and medium prompting experimenting more with these factors. Paintings done prior to this period were mainly done on wood or canvas. Philosophies that define modern economy and politics have been linked to modern art such as capitalism, self consciousness, and perspective. For instance paintings by Jack Ventrriano depict culture of Scottish people especially revolving social event which are emphasized in Scotland. In his painting The Singing Butlers which became Britain’s best selling image in 1992, depicts a scene where a Scottish pair had escaped from a party and is dancing out on the beach sand while their servants keep guard. With the sky foggy the servants are shielded under umbrella. The oil on canvas painting demonstrates the artist view of how beautiful life is, and dancing is a way for interpersonal connections. Further the painting indicates diligent and committed servants at the service of their bosses’ event in the stormy weather. This painting has been reported ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Visual culture

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