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Art and Materiality - Essay Example

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Art and Materiality Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Art and Materiality The 20th century featured several contemporary artists and remains a period when great and plausible innovations in artworks came up. There were experiences of transitions in the forms of artistic creations, as well…
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Art and Materiality
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Download file to see previous pages However, some scholars and critiques of art settle on the 1970s as the cut-off period for the definition of the beginning of contemporary art. Contemporary art vividly integrates life because of its formalization of novel real life practices through artistry. It is widely admissible that contemporary artwork appreciates life practices by the conveyance of diverse notions that are inherent in most artworks. There are distinction between things and objects as applied in artworks but none of them solely dominates the materiality of art. Things are expressions of human relations to the world while objects express the extent of performance of the relationship expressed in an artwork. Objects, as used in art, best perform the role of an intermediary and a catalyst that communicate the assertion of the artist. In as much as different artist choose one of the two forms of materiality, objects or things, they may change from one to another. Art criticism is the comprehensive judgment of artworks based on diverse aspects. The vast dominance of a variety of art renders art criticism as one of the most interesting themes in exploring art and materiality. The criticism explores diverse facts about art including their qualitative judgments and determining whether artworks are objects or things. It allows the evaluation of art based on qualitative methods and an understanding of the quality of the artworks that determines the artists’ level of success. The diverse materiality aspects of visual arts addresses in art criticism include its conservation and the decorative value. The argument as to whether art is an expression that uses objects or things, however, may vary extensively. Artworks are a means of communicating ideas and thoughts of the artists. In some instances, it is to create social change and political transitions in another. Other artists, through their artworks, intend to explore the theme of social diversity among communities. Some artworks also inspire and empower historical issues through their cultural values. The role of the artwork dictates the consideration of art as an object or things. Cultural expressions, as a role of artwork would be achievable, best, by the use of objects that are representative of the culture depicted. Although the materiality of things can show value when used to express culture, artists prefer objects to things. In contemporary art, artists appreciate the existence of materiality as an important reason for their effort to explore nature and other aspects of life, in totality, through creativity. Contemporary art serves as the factor that combines human imagination to reality. The artworks of Jean Tinguely, a Swiss, attracted plausible interest in the 20th century. The exemplary manifestation of decline of modern industries and of species extinction of species remains an appreciation of things that exist in world as well as objects. The kinetic artwork that Tinguely displayed concentrated on the theme of destruction. He created artwork that displayed mechanical structures and dominated by objects that are part of human’s daily interactions. Most of his artworks experienced the predominating of the consequences of malfunctioning of objects. Chaos I is one of the most remarkable and historic arts by Tinguely. Damien Hirst’s shark forms one of the greatest artworks that attract massive numbers in most museums, to date. The controversial artwork by Hirst is unquestionably an impression of thoughts. This renders ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Art and Materiality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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