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How do people personality changes in places and how it's related to movement - Essay Example

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How people Personality Change in Places. How it's Related to Movement and Gravity. Subject: Professor: December 13, 2012 Visual arts (film) mirror everyday life. As the camera zooms in to the main star’s dancing, the audience is captivated to focus on the main character’s dexterity in dancing just like painting’s “imposition of chiaroscuro effect set on inchoate musical sounds (Beugnet 2007, 2).” How the people’s personality change in places Personality Change…
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How do people personality changes in places and how its related to movement
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Download file to see previous pages The police officer is seen as a person who ensures the highway traffic situation is under control. The police officer stops robberies and resolves accidents. How the people’s personality change in places in relation to movement. Further, Aaron Taylor (2012,) reiterates that The Red Shoes film shows personality changes are included in movement changes within each of the fantasy film activity. For example, the company creates movie scenes that focus the camera on the main characters, just like in the film, The Red Shoes. Further, the film makers placed the cameras nearer the actors in order to make the audience focus on what the actor does during the entire movie part. With the cameras focusing most of the screen shots on the main actors, the audience will also focus on what the main actor or actress does or does not does not do. The new film making trend reiterates the importance of distance in making each film shot. The new emphasis is to create a maximum 9 feet close distance between the characters and the film cameras. The close distance will ensure that the cameras capture the important personality changes contributing to the effective movement change. With the closer camera shots, the actors’ and actresses’ acts are recorded. Further, James Naremore (1990) theorized that intimate acting generates a great potential of transforming a mere film scene to masterpiece film output. The film directors must ensure that the actors perform their part of the script with precision. The film directors make the camera shots timed to take the required movie parts. The directors institute the shooting script to coincide with the actors’ and actresses’ musical, word, and action scripts. In fact, the there must be a chronological order of camera shots that are time to complete the mental image of the film characters. For example, a close up scene of two persons in silent tight embrace, dancing the ballet parts, persuades the audience to think that the two dancers are in love with each other. Further, James Naremore (1990) insists that the careful shading of the film camera’s outputs poses a great potential for the right mix of the film taking of the actors’ and actresses’ facial expressions. Everyone can bring out a sense of organic vision to the filming of the movie stories. Naremore insists that the “filming of the characters’ movements should be on the same professional level as the setting up of the sequence of film shots. The film shots include zooming in, zooming out, panning, scanning, and making still shots. Additionally, the New York Magazine (1987) the film characters can enhance the changing their personalities by including adjustments to their physical appearance. For example, a change from a finely combed hair to an uncombed hair enhances the character change from the individuals’ depicting of a prior happy character to a new angry film character. Further, a change of the characters’ uniform from a finely pressed one to tattered uniform enhances the characters’ personality change from one who is “in order” to one who is “in complete disarray”. Personality changes in relation to gravity. Hattonn reiterated that “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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