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Relationship between social media networks and the concept of home - Essay Example

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Relationship between social media networks and the concept of ‘home’ Giuseppe Piazza Photography and the Home Date: 24/11/2012 Consider the relationship between the uses of new social media networks (SMNs) – like Facebook – and the concept of ‘home’…
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Relationship between social media networks and the concept of home
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Download file to see previous pages You must also include any SMN pages that you discuss as part of your essay submission. Introduction Home refers to the region, state or place that an individual properly belongs, as well as where he or she finds refuge, satisfaction and rest (Morley 2000, p. 10). It is not normally fixed in space despite the fact that it can be located somewhere. This is attributed to the fact that one person can grow up in one place and decide to settle in another area to start his own family. In both cases, he can call the place he grew up as him, and at the same time call his new place home. In this regard, home can be said to represent an individual’s organisation of space over a period of time (Moores 2005, p. 18). Other scholars have argued that home goes beyond physical space. In this regard, they imply that home is characterized by rhetorical territory (Cannon 2012, p. 45). That is, peoples’ character is said to be at home when they are at ease with people who surround them or share life together. This calls for the capability to be understood by others without difficulties, and following other people’s instructions and reasoning without lengthy explanations. On the other hand, it is said that an individual’s rhetorical identity is considered finished when the people who surrounds him does not understand the explanations he gives for his actions, the enthusiasm displayed or the criticism made (McIntyre, Williams, & McHugh 2006, p. 36). In this scenario, one can be said to have lost touch and is facing ‘un-homely’ situations. Home involves speaking without providing background information (Bachelard 1994, p. 25). Additionally, a lot can be understood from a few words; thus, no footnotes needed when passing out information. Home also gives people a feeling of security, comfort, family, intimacy, comfort and privacy (Nyman 2009, p. 227). Therefore, going home can mean returning to a firm position that one knows, is accustomed to, feels safe, and his emotional relationships are at extremely intense. From all these we can ascertain that every human being needs to have something that he or she can hold on to and call home (Gay, Redman, & Evans 2000, p. 113). Home is an essential component of human life necessary for an individual to function properly in the society (Chapman & Hockey 1999, p. 58). This is attributed to the fact that home gives people an opportunity to develop, and mold themselves into the people they want to be in life. Therefore, an unstable and poorly managed home can affect an individual’s upbringing and make him an irresponsible person in the society (Spencer & Pahl 2006, p. 35). Home and Social Media Networks Several social media networks are related to the concept of home. Social networking refers to grouping of people into definite groups such as neighborhood subdivision or small rural communities (Boyd & Ellison 2007, p. 230). In as much as social networking can be in conducted in person, it is extremely popular online. This is attributed to the fact that there are several people in the internet who are out to gather and share experiences and information, as well as meet new people (Wetherell & Mohanty 2011, p. 120). Websites are commonly used in social networking, and the most commonly used social media websites include; Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Friendster, just to mention but a few. In this paper, I would focus on Facebook since it is the most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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