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Film Making Styles in Bollywood and Hollywood - Research Paper Example

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This paper will compare film making styles in Hollywood and Bollywood. It will use two movies from both the industries. These movies are Saving Private Ryan produced in Hollywood and Border produced in Bollywood…
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Film Making Styles in Bollywood and Hollywood
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Extract of sample "Film Making Styles in Bollywood and Hollywood"

Download file to see previous pages This will be followed by the third part of the research that will focus of the cinematography and film-making techniques on the audience itself. Saving Private Ryan” is a film written by Robert Rodat and directed by Steven Spielberg in 1988. It is set during the Second World War specifically the assault on Normandy. The movie is about rescuing Private First Class Ryan played by Matt Damon, who is missing in action. The United states Department of Defense discovers that three his three brothers had been killed in action and their mother was to receive three telegrams informing her of their death on the same day. General Marshal Orders captain Miller played by Tom Hanks, to assemble a team to find and rescue Private First Class Ryan. Miller and his team immediately move out. In a town called Neuville they meet with soldiers from 101st platoon. On entering Neuville a member of Miller’s team called Caparzo played by Vin Diesel, is shot by a sniper. Jackson, who is played by Barry Pepper is able to shoot and kill the sniper as Caparzo bleeds to death. In the town, they are able to rescue a soldier who they later realize is not Private Ryan. They letter meet a soldier from Charlie Company who informed them that they were dropped at Vieriville, and that Baker company which Private Ryan belonged to had the same dropping zone. Here, they locate Ryan’s colleague who directs them to a bridge over Merderet River in Ramelle town where Private Ryan is defending a strategic post.
While going to Remelle, the Captain decides to neutralize a German position close to the radar station. Here, their medic, Wade, played by Giovanni Ribisi, is killed. They capture a German soldier who is later released blind folded by Milner despite protests from his men. This sparks an argument on the leadership of Captain Miller but is quickly settled. Finally, the squad finds three soldiers ambushing a German personnel carrier. Private Ryan is among the paratroopers. Although Ryan is devastated after being told of their mission and the death of his three brothers, he feels that it is unfair for him to be allowed to go home and tells Captain Miller that he does not wish to go home since he had a duty to help his brothers (his fellow soldiers) to defend the bridge and destroy approaching Nazis. Captain Miller decides to take command and defend the bridge. The Nazis arrive with a force of more than fifty men including an armored platoon. They defend their positions managing to destroy two tanks and killing most of the German soldiers. However, they lose many men including Horvath, Melish and Jackson. Miller is shot and mortally injured while trying to blow up the bridge just before American planes destroys the bridge. Miller later dies in Ryan’s arms. Reiben, Upham and Ryan are the only survivors and are rescued by the American infantry. The movie ends in present day where together with his family and an old World War Two veteran, Ryan visits the war cemetery and insist that the sacrifice made by the soldiers was not in vain and finally salutes Millers grave. “Border”, produced and directed by J.P. Dutta is a war epic from Bollywood on the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War. It is specifically set during the Longewalan battle. It stipulates how 120 soldiers of the Indian army defended their position from a whole Pakistani army tank regiment. It commences just after the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Film Making Styles in Bollywood and Hollywood" is quite often seen among the assignments in high school. Still, this essay opens a fresh perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the manner for my own essay.

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