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Film Critique Ghost 1960 - Research Paper Example

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Film Critique- Ghost 1990 Thesis Statement The genre of movie is ever lasting love. This paper will present the story of a film, its main characters and message conveyed by the movie. The paper will comment on the standard of acting done by the cast, cinematography, editing, sound, style and directing, impact of society on the film and vice-versa and genre…
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Film Critique Ghost 1960
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Download file to see previous pages It was screened in 1990. Molly, a ceramic art worker, is a beautiful girl who is in love with a high profile banker named Sam. Both live a happy life in New York. One night when the couple is returning on foot from a theatre, a street mugger Willie attacks and kills Sam. Sam dies on the spot due to a gun shot but turns into a Ghost. He realizes later that he is no more alive when he watches his body in the arms of Molly. Sam later comes to know after following Willie that the attack is masterminded by his friend and co-worker Carl who wants to steal the bank codes for different accounts. Carl wants to use codes for drug money laundering .Later Willie breaks into the house of Molly to steal codes. Sam reaches there and scares him away. Sam tries to communicate with Molly, but Molly cannot hear his voice. Sam takes help of a spiritualist lady Ona to convey the danger from Carl to Molly but Molly does not believe Ona. Molly confirms through the police that Ona is professional trickster and cannot be trusted. Now Sam has to find ways to protect Molly from Carl. Sam uses Ona to draw 4 Million dollars from account of Carl and give money in charity to a church. Later Willie breaks into the house of Ona in search of money. ...
He uses body of Ona to finally dance with Molly. In the mean time, Carl reaches the apartment of Molly to kill both Molly and Ona. A scuffle takes place and Carl is killed by a window glass due to his own mistake. Now its time for Sam to go; at this time, a heavenly light appears in the room and Molly can hear and see Sam in order to say good bye. Sam says farewell to Molly and returns to afterlife with scores of angels. Acting The film is an example of classic combination of feature film and film genre in modern times. On the whole, the cast has performed extremely well in the film which has been recognized through many awards given to it. According to (2012), the film was nominated for five academy awards and awarded two Oscars for best supporting actress and best screenplay and writing. The film also adds to credit the Best Supporting Actress Award for Whoopi Goldberg. The cast includes the names like Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze, Whoopi Goldberg, Rick Aviles, Tony Goldwyn and Vincent Schiavelli. In addition to coveted Oscar Award, Whoopi Goldberg also won many awards like Golden Globe and BAFTA, etc. The film also won The Best Original Screen Play Award due to performance of the cast and original thinking of the film writer. There are three lead characters in the movie: Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze, and Whoopi Goldberg who have displayed the film storey in an unconventional manner. The actors have focused on the core elements of passion, love for life, valuing relationships, avoiding greed and saving lives. Patrick has also displayed well a character which is spiritual as well as human in nature. The complexity and conflict involved in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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