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The Art History - Essay Example

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The essay discovers "The Art History". Art works have also been used in spreading political propaganda against certain groups of individual by use of images and symbols. In addition, art has been used in expressing ideals of beauty and perfection of certain things or people. …
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The Art History
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Download file to see previous pages Michael Heizer was in fact the original mind behind the idea of the double negative sculpture that attracted significant attention from the public and other players in the field of art. His creation of the complex 1 was another contribution to an idea that already existed and set into practice in the history of Native America. The work on the complex 1 typically reflected the method of house construction in the traditional Native American society and the structure of the cities historical cities found in the Central and Northern America. The double negative and the complex 1 city created by Michel have played great role in expanding the understanding of art. Michael’s works and creation demonstrate the possible interrelationship existing between architectural works and the simple art. It then becomes apparent that architectural work also constitutes art as it involves creation of new and unique structures ever thought about in the world. Double negative and complex 1 sculpture purposefully encourage and persuade artists concerning limitless creativity and the practicality of perform art in the external environment outside the museums (Russel). The double negative and the complex 1 city are furnished with beautiful colorations that have increasingly created the perception and understanding of the structures as artistic works rather than plain architect. The interior of parts of the complex 1 has well formed projections and partitions that just depict the powerful artistic mind behind their creation. The walls of the double negative valley are systematically and stylistically cropped to create very attractive images. The double negative sculpture in its own identity and form is very symbolic of the mass of soil removed from the earth to create space bordered by two standing cliffs. The symbolism created by double negative could also mean going back. From the perspectives of American history, many societies that lived in the 18th through to 19th century were unanimous with discrimination and prejudice that somehow reduced towards the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries. In the mid 20th century, the initial elements of discrimination and prejudice begun to spread once again in the American society. Double negative could perhaps been created to message the American society about the negative steps they made by being sensitive to an ill and unethical aspects of discriminati ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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