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The photograph in focus - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Paper assignment The photograph in focus is of an animal of the chimpanzee family commonly known as the crab eating macaque in a green bushy environment. The crab eating macaque is native of the regions of South East Asia and the islands surrounding the demography…
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The photograph in focus
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Download file to see previous pages The picture of the macaque covers the immediate front upper half parts of the animal and also little of the front parts of both sides of the animal such as the protruding shoulders. It is a close up picture meaning the photographer must have been considerably near the animal. Although the picture was taken from a close range, the image of the macaque does not fill the parameters of the photograph. It allows for approximately 50% view of the background on its top, right hand and left hand sides respectively. The photograph’s position is not centrally balanced but a little shifted to right the hand side giving a greater view of the background on the left hand side. Such characteristics of the photographs could be as a result of taking the picture in a rush in order to capture that exact moment hence no time to properly balance and plan. Again, it may be a deliberate move by the photographer in order to show the environment of the animal. In the picture, the macaque is covered in brown fur with patches of grey on the front side. It appears to be in a seated position with its butt to the ground and fore arms firmly supported on the ground due to its frontal horizontal posture. Its mouth is wide opened depicting that the animal is making loud sounds characteristic of a form of communication to other animals. The wide mouth is displaying a set of big strong teeth and tongue to further depict that this animal can handle or even take hard foods that require hard biting into and tearing. An example of such a food would be the crabs. The teeth are also a symbol of the strength of the animal as tools such as in fighting with others. Some of the teeth at the inner end of the mouth have black patches on their upper side depicting they are experiencing a mild form of decay. This can be a show of the lifestyle and brain capacity of the animal in that it does not disinfect its mouth against decay but the tongue keeps the mouth as clean. Some of the teeth appear to be broken while some are totally missing from their sockets. This could be a show of the tough to break or chew type of diet that the macaque follows. In addition, it could also be as symbols of injuries from fighting either with enemies or in pursuit of dominance within social groups. The face appears to be squelched backwards with its eyes closed, ears pushed backwards, and nostrils half closed. This facial expression on the macaque shows the intensity in which it is making the noise. Both this facial expression and the extremely wide opened mouth show the great intensity in which it is making the sound which might be assumed is intended to warn an enemy or alert its comrades. The background of the picture shows fresh, deep green bushy vegetation. This is as a show of the habitual environment of the macaque. This is consistent with the macaque’s habitual home of mangrove forests and other marshy regions. Light in the photograph appears to be subjectively focused on the macaque on its right side while the left side is in partial darkness. The lack of a properly defined shadow depicts that the light is not very strong. On the background, the light appears to be of bright yellow color as the morning sunrise while from the view of the animal it appears to be bright white in color. This difference in color of the light on the macaque is attributed to the reflection and absorption by its outer grey colored fur. Again, the whole right ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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