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The Story of Emily Rose Still Popular in 21st century - Research Paper Example

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It is rightly said that the struggle between mind and heart or known versus unknown has always pushed the mankind towards more progress and advancement. However as we conquer new feats of scientific achievements we still fear the unknown or there are phenomena around us which could not be explained with the help of science…
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The Story of Emily Rose Still Popular in 21st century
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Download file to see previous pages One such phenomenon, which thinkers and scientists, world across have tried to solve, is what happens to a person after death. Theories such as rebirth, heaven, hell, etc. hold attraction even today. Today as we see, we are usually torn between science as we want everything to be scientifically tested and proven and we also want to believe that there exists life after death even if it is not proven on the merits of science.
We are going to study this theory with the help of following hypothesis:
The phenomenon of demonic possession and exorcism as seen in the movie "The Exorcism of Emily Rose", surprisingly still popular in the 21st century"
Demonic possession is when a ghost controls emotions, thoughts and intellect or decision making ability of a person. It merges with the person’s consciousness and controls person’s actions.
In this definition of “being possessed” it is clearly stated that some other force has a complete control over a person’s actions and behaviour. However psychology has a different say on the matter.
Study of psychology is relatively new in the field of science. After a considerable advancement in physical science or medicine, the attention turned to mind. It was largely observed that although body responds automatically to medicine it is the mind that has a powerful control over healing process in totality. It was then when the scientists started taking note of mental processes and studying functions of brain. However if a particular pattern of behaviour of a person could not be explained it was still termed as super natural or out of the purview of science. Slowly and steadily as the mysteries of brain started unfolding, it was believed that every mental disease had its cure as well. Now the population got divided into two sections, one who wanted scientific proof of everything and the other although believed in science felt there is still a force beyond science to explain certain mysteries. Precisely the reason why people still believe in the concept of being possessed or being taken over by either good or bad spirits or demons. Church and science have always stood against each other. Religion or faith has always believed God as a phenomenon which cannot be explained but rather understood and felt and believed in. Science as it goes by the way of proof will ask proof of even God’s existence. In this case there could be one instance or one phenomenon looked at from both perspectives, one that of science and the other that of faith. “Being possessed” is one such instance viewed suspiciously by both the fraternities. Exorcism is viewed differently in different religions. In Catholicism like other religions it is viewed as demanding the evil spirits to leave immediately the body of possessed by the authority of God vested in the person performing the exorcism.2 The principle objective is to ward the evil off and heal the tormented soul from the suffering. Science however can attribute this to disturbed mental health which can be cured by medicine and heal the person. In both the cases although the roads are different both mean well and want the patient to heal and live a healthy, happy and normal life. The approaches may differ but the outcome desired is the same. It is possible that a person believing in science also believes in the existence of God and his powers but may not believe in the idea of some other force taking over and controlling human mind and actions. It is precisely at this point both the branches fall apart. Psychologists or Scientists call “being possessed” as an instance that can happen to anybody. Everyone is susceptible to this. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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