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Analysis of Goya's Art - Essay Example

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Changes which occurred from 1780 – 1880 in visual art were based on different cultural and social expectations that were occurring during the time. Various artists became interested in expressing different ideologies in an alternative manner while building various motifs and expressions within their artwork…
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Analysis of Goyas Art
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Download file to see previous pages A painting that depicts the ideologies of the time is from the “El Tres de Mayo” painted in 1814 with oil on canvas (see Appendix A). This particular painting represented the various movements of the time in terms of politics, culture, society and the philosophies of Goya. Analysis of Goya’s El Tres de Mayo The concepts that are represented in the painting of El Tres de Mayo begin with creating a narrative about the time frame and the Revolts that were occurring during the time frame in Spain. The painting is oil on canvas and is 266 x 345 centimeters. It is currently located at the Prado Museum in Spain and remains a collection that is representative of the changing culture of Spain. The date of release of the painting was in 1814 during the time of the Revolution in Spain and the Napoleonic Wars. The painting represents the subject matter of soldiers working from the political upheaval on one side of the canvas. The other canvas has the common man who is opposed to the political structure. A central man is located on the left side of the canvas with his hands in the air. Two men are lying in the left hand corner of the canvas that are dead while other men are circled around the central man who is holding his hands in the air. Some are bending over to one side while the others on the right are covering their eyes while moving up to a platform. The background behind the common men is a hill while the background behind this is a church or castle with two other buildings that are shaded into the area. The subject matter that Goya creates is one that is noted through specific techniques first. The lines that are in the subject matter create a division through the center of the canvas and build a division between light and dark. This is furthered with the light side of the canvas having the common men while the right side having the darker shades of gray and black. The techniques that Goya use don’t add in colors but instead use only shades of white, gray and black as well as some browns. These are designed to blend into the other colors and to create lines while showing a darker subject matter that is representative of the revolts at the time. The shading that is used then moves into the division of light and dark between the two sides. This helps to accent the main subject matter of the common man while the other lines are pointing toward this as a highlight in subject material. The shading and the lines that are used are further highlighted with divisions that Goya creates through the individual subject matter of each of the men in the canvas. The lines are the main representation, specifically with the soldiers on one side. The perspective and lines remains straight with the stance of each of the soldiers while the guns are all held at a 90 degree angle. This helps to accent the organization of politics and points at how this creates the common man to become subjected to the political movements of the time. The lines in the background of the building structures further highlight the revolts and problems that occurred at the time. The lines and divisions that are created on the side which is with lighter shades remains more chaotic and highlights the loss the men are going through. Instead of straight angles, there are rounder and more curved lines through each of the men, such as them bending over or falling. The only man who has a straighter angle is the main subject, shown by raised hands in the air. This highlights the common man and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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