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Heritage Tourism, two subtopic questions - Coursework Example

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It has often been said time and again that the strength of any nation is made from the country’s rich past, which explains how the particular nation came into existence.teh past is important as the future, meaning that without it, it is not easy to decide on a better path that…
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Heritage Tourism, two subtopic questions
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Heritage Tourism Heritage Tourism Response to the first question
It has often been said time and again that the strength of any nation is made from the country’s rich past, which explains how the particular nation came into existence.teh past is important as the future, meaning that without it, it is not easy to decide on a better path that can help to walk into the future. Many countries have managed to emerge from dark pasts that are full of civil wars, and established their social environment in a manner that understands and acknowledges the value of peace. For instance, after emerging from the colony of Yugoslavia, Serbia and Croatia were involved in a serious war that lasted until 1995 (Digance 2003). The countries committed to developing a way that could see them honor and acknowledge their past as they moved to establish a future that was safe, peaceful and accommodating everyone into their countries.
Therefore, elimination the past for a country is very suicidal because the future generations may lack a benchmark on which to make informed decisions regarding the future. According to Digance (2003), the past offers a platform on which to avoid those ideas and systems that did not work and failed in one way or another. in this regard, the study of it helps in shaping the future by offering better ways of creating social and economic systems of life for a country. From the time of its civil war, Serbia has managed to establish a country that respects peace and harmonious co-existence among its people.
Response to the second question
Every country has a way of ensuring that its history is well protected so that its future generations can learn from it and tread into their esteemed future. Almost every country has well established and stocked museums that contained various cultural aspects. These cultural centres provide good memories to the people who often are motivated with the spirit of adventure, wanting to know how their countries came into existence. According to Goulding & Dominic (2008), Croatia is one of the countries that contain a rich past, detailing how the country made its way from Yugoslavian colonial rule, creating an economy that is fostered on developing a peaceful country that values and appreciates peace.
One of the reasons why mapping a country’s history is important is informed by the need to preserve its cultural heritage. In this regard, this heritage serves as a good reminder of the country’s past, explaining the way of life in the olden days. By having this understanding, people can easily understand why and how life is changing. Secondly, mapping a country’s history helps in deciding on the kind of future that it endeavors to have. According to Goulding & Dominic (2008), Croatia’s dark past has been a good ingredient in enabling the country to create proper and effective social structures that people have come to accept and respect. Thirdly, mapping a country’s history is essential for comparison of different systems of life. For instance, it helps realise the mistakes that were committed before from failed systems, thus assisting in making effective structures and systems of proper political and social life.
Digance J (2003). Pilgrimage at Contested Sites. Annals of Tourism Research, 30(1): 143–159
Goulding C & Dominic D (2008). Heritage, Identity and Ideological Manipulation: The Case of Croatia. Annals of Tourism Research, 36(1): 85–102,
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