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Please choose the relevant title for my report - Essay Example

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This paper “Service Quality Management in Hospitality Industry” reflects upon various dimensions of service quality. The case study highlights multiple issues observed within hotel industry. These issues will be analyzed with the support of theoretical frameworks…
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Please choose the relevant title for my report
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Extract of sample "Please choose the relevant title for my report"

Download file to see previous pages Total quality management refers to designing an organizational environment where there is continuous improvement and delivery of high quality products to customers. Total quality management methods are strongly associated with techniques utilized during quality control. Quality is all about achieving superior degree of excellence. It is dependent on wide range of factors such as grade of service or product, safety, reliability, customer’s perception and consistency. There are various definitions of quality like conformance to specifications, fitness for usage, value for price, psychological criteria and supporting services. Dimensions of quality usually vary across service and manufacturing organizations (Tamimi and Sebastianelli, 2008). Service organizations exhibit higher quality level through consistency, atmosphere, friendliness, responsiveness, tangible factors and promptness. On the other hand, manufacturing firms possesses quality dimensions in the form of specification conformance, durability, performance, features, serviceability and reliability. The quality term has sustained since many years but there are changes incorporated within its definition. In business organizations, the quality concept was drastically altered during 1970s. The time frame between 1970 and 1980 resulted into US industries losing their market share due to intense foreign competition. Honda and Toyota supposedly became the largest players in automobile industry. Manufacturing firms during time period of 1970. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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