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Culinary Tourism Food and Drink Product Inventory - Assignment Example

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Culinary tourism is different from other tourism, as it is duly considered to be the subdivision of cultural tourism. It provides the…
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Culinary Tourism Food and Drink Product Inventory
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Extract of sample "Culinary Tourism Food and Drink Product Inventory"

Download file to see previous pages If the tourist people obtain their home country food in outside nations, they become highly attractive and visit the same in a frequent way (Knight, 2012).
In relation to the above context, the assignment intends to create a food and drink inventory and likewise prepare a report based on culinary tourism food and drink products of a destination i.e. Sussex located in New Brunswick in the nation of Canada.
Secondary method of data collection is appropriate for this research study to collect information for preparing the food and drink inventory report. It will be vital to mention in this regard that journals, articles and online sources relevant to specific topic of a study are deemed to be the decisive sources of secondary data collection method through which valuable and relevant information can be acquired. Through secondary sources, it is possible to gather accurate and recent information about any stated topic. Secondary data collection is also important for this research study to identify any sort of persisted research problem and derive effective solutions to resolve the same. It will be vital to mention in relation to the above context that the adoption as well as the review of varied secondary sources would certainly provide a better comprehension about how to promote the progression of culinary tourism specifically in Sussex, which is positioned in Canada. Apart from this, such sources would aid in examining the varied food products that persist in this specific region (Ut, 2013).
It has been earlier mentioned that culinary tourism can also be related to food and drink tourism, which signifies that it is not only limited to food and drink sector, but also correlated to cultural aspects tourism. It can be ascertained that the food as well as drink menu is deemed to be different from one nation to another. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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