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I did enjoy the magnificent miniature rooms and the great details of the inner side of the house. I was intrigued by one artist that I believed was very unique. His name was Chuck Close who did a painting…
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Art Institute
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The Art Institute of Chicago Question overall reaction to art institute The art institute of Chicago is a place that is full of enjoyment. I did enjoy the magnificent miniature rooms and the great details of the inner side of the house. I was intrigued by one artist that I believed was very unique. His name was Chuck Close who did a painting contained in a glass. The painting was a picture of an elderly woman who gazed back at you when you looked into the glass. Furthermore, it almost looked real as if someone had really been held captive inside the glass (Gardner et al. 426). I also saw some very wonderful examples of journalism like one that was done in the year 1953 by Nan Koldin. It was not just a picture of women crying, but also had lots of expressions on it. The overall experience was great, although there were certain areas that really put me off. For instance, the employees who worked there did not seem to be very friendly. In addition, flash photography was not permitted inside the museum and, therefore, one could not really experience the fun of walking around the museum.
Question 2: A favorite Painting
I took interest in a medieval painting of a child being held by the parent. This child looked like a miniature adult and that is one common thing from the painting of the medieval times. However, neither the name of the artist nor the school of art has been provided for this particular painting (Gardner et al. 126).
Question 3: A Favorite Work of Sculpture
I particularly enjoyed various works of sculptures, but there is mostly one that caught my attention. This was a work done by Richmond Barthe of ‘The boxer’. The piece of art depicts African Americans. In the year 1942, the boxer corresponded to the period of time where boxers, especially the blacks like Joe Louis, used to fight with their white rivals and ended up beating them. It meant a huge step for the African Americans and on the basis of equality at least while boxing (Gardner et al. 99).
Question 4: Gunsaulus Hall
In the institute there is a widely known arms and armor collection that have been put on a special display. There are half and full suits, cannons, pole arms, a knight mounted on a horse that if fully arrayed and a shield in the company of two swords. There are ceiling which are high enough to allow for the Baroque tapestries and Renaissance to be included along with a sculpture. In addition, some paintings and objects imply a wide range of settings. The installation looks at the close association between the arms and armor and the contemporary art and style hence demonstrating the different ways hose objects put emphasis on the social status of the owner (Gardner et al. 226).
Question 5: Unsung Work
There is a painting that caught my attention. It was a painting done in the year 1942 by Edward Hopper. The painting size was 30x60 inches and it has been completed with oil paints on canvas. The painting brought a mood and feel of loneliness and the feel of how a sleeping city looked empty late at night. In this painting I observed two gentlemen and a lady being seated around the counter that was large and round having mugs of coffee in front of them; they could be in a coffee shop or a bar. The painting seems to have been done with oil paints since it has a texture which appears smooth and the colors appear deep and solid (Gardner et al. 106).
Question 6: Ancient Exhibit
On the first floor of the museum, I found a collection of significant ancient artworks from Egypt, Greek, and the Roman cultures. Some of those objects include: stone sculpture, bronze and terracotta, vases, glass, mosaics, coins of very high quality and jewelry. Together, these objects gave a comprehensive study of the ancient art and the Mediterranean world (Gardner et al. 166).
Question 7: My next Visit to the Art Institute of Chicago
My visit to the art institute was fabulous, however, on my next visit I would like to explore the architectural plans of the building and maybe look closely at the new modern wing of the museum and particularly into the art works from the Roman and Greek cultures (Gardner et al. 316).
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Gardner, Helen, and Fred S. Kleiner. Gardners Art Through the Ages: A Concise Western History. Australia: Wadsworth Cengage Learning, 2010. Print.
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