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Tourism Attraction Assessment - Assignment Example

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Local museums draw local audience and offer a social outlet for citizens of the community(Levin 10). They have acted as preserve of…
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Tourism Attraction Assessment
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Extract of sample "Tourism Attraction Assessment"

Local Art Museum in Ithaca Museums are a sites used in cultural appreciation, they provide stunning works of arts and intact historical and cultural heritage of a community. Local museums draw local audience and offer a social outlet for citizens of the community(Levin 10). They have acted as preserve of as evidenced in their large collections of different animals, plants and art among others. The artifacts exhibited attempt to reconstruct the places from where they were brought (Kirshenblatt-Gimblett 132). Local museums are seen to represent the quality of life of local areas that help attract outside resources. They focus on the regional commercial, cultural and political activities. It translates the reputation and visibility of the local area into higher achievements and attractions (Richards 113).
The local Art museum is advertised in various brochures and an internet source like their is situated in Central Avenue, Ithaca New York which opens from 10am to 5 pm and is easily accessible by a personal car, bus or foot and the directions and bus timetable are given in their website and brochures. There is free admission for all therefore appealing to all persons and not just luxurious visitors. The Johnson Museum of Art provides easy accessibility and excellent experience for people with a range of disabilities the staff and receptionists are available to assureof comfort and trained staff members are available to provide tours to children and adults with disabilities. There is aminimum of five people per tour and fifteen per group and a requirement for a two weeks’ notice, a guide is assigned for every group of visitors; they show them around explaining the various exhibitions and arts around the museum (Herbert para 1).
Visitors are permitted to take photographs of the objects from the Museum’s permanent collection, for their own personal use.
The museum is visited by various demographics that are curious to learn and appreciate culture and beauty, it boasts as a unique destination because it is made vibrant by the students and faculty of Ithaca College and Cornell university,visitors range from local tourists like university students who are there to learn and appreciation of their culture to international visitors who are enticed by the beauty of the museum and the charm of the environment.
The museum displays Art in the form of modern, contemporary, photographs, videos, print and drawings among others. Their collectionpromotes teaching, learning, and research in a wide range of disciplines and is constantly being developed. Some of their Art work and publications can be purchased by the visitors. This can also be done online on their website. There are other local attractions in Ithaca including discovery trails.
Ithaca has become a destination known for cultural events, activities and outstanding outdoor recreation. They have affordable hotels and motels for all their visitors including students and offer lodging packages and deals in order to help save money. The restaurants offer local savory cuisines including vegetarian diets and wineries that are along the Cayuga Wine Trail. Visitors are treated to a rich historical legacies and an array of arts and cultural attractions coupled with beautiful views. Gift shopping for the visitors can be done in various malls around town.
Tourism is not limited to just historical attractions which means that museums can hold galleries and exhibitions as well as local plays and skits in order to entice their visitors and generate new tourists as well. A museum may include a touch of urbanism in order to attract all kinds of generations and relate with the modern world (Stephen and Alan 184).
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