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The Issue of Security in the Country - Assignment Example

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In the paper “The Issue of Security in the Country” the author focuses on one controversial issue facing tourism – the issue of security in the country. The reason is with the advanced technology and varying media fraternities that discuss the security issues in a given country…
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The Issue of Security in the Country
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Extract of sample "The Issue of Security in the Country"

The Issue of Security in the Country
Tourism sector is important in any country since it earns the country in question foreign capital. That is why every country, be it the developed or developing countries, tries their best to improve their tourism sector in their countries. It is, therefore, important to make adequate considerations of the tourism issues that might have a global impact. This enables the country in question to know what to do or what not to do to attract various tourists around the globe.
One controversial issue facing tourism is the issue of security in the country. It is a major requirement for a country to be secure to attract more international tourists. The reason is with the advanced technology and varying media fraternities that discuss the security issues in a given country, it is difficult for a country to conceal its security status to the world. One developing country that is currently scaring tourists from visiting its country is Kenya. There have been various terror attacks that have been consequent making tourists afraid of visiting the country as they used to (Obadiah, Nicholas and Josephine 23). The clients in this scenario are the government institutions who try to come up with means of curbing the situation in the country.
The issue of security has affected the economic sector of the country. As a result, the government of the country has approached the issue by even employing other security officials including the cabinet secretary of security (Obadiah, Nicholas and Josephine 23). This move is aimed at reviving the current issue of security to ensure that tourists can feel safe to tour the country in large numbers like they used to.
To curb the current security threat in the country, the country need to come up with better and creative strategies that will see its tourism sector revert back to normal. One of them includes placing various security officials, who are well trained and better motivated, in all tourist hot spots in the country. Moreover, they should create awareness on the individuals living in the country to ensure that they report crime offenders because most of the individuals who pose security threat in the country are well known by other individuals. They should ensure that they report them even if they are their friends or relatives to ensure that their security and that of others visiting the country is guaranteed. This move would see the level of tourism increase to the way it was before the terror incidents that have been subsequent in the country for the past year.
It is evident that tourism is an important sector in any country due to the ability to earn the country foreign capital. That is why it is important for the country in question to come up with creative strategies to attract and retain more tourists. The developing country in question is Kenya and the subsequent terror attacks in the country in the past year have reduced the number of tourists in the country due to fear of insecurity. The country has come up with various means of curbing insecurity including replacing some of the highly placed security officials including the cabinet security for internal security (Obadiah, Nicholas and Josephine 23. However, Kenya has to do a lot to get back the trust that tourists had in the country. This will enable more and more tourists to tour the country like they did before.
Works Cited
Kibara Obadiah, Odhiambo Nicholas M. and Njuguna Josephine M. "Tourism And Economic Growth In Kenya: An Empirical Investigation." Business and Economics (2012): 13-67. Read More
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(The Issue of Security in the Country Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
The Issue of Security in the Country Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“The Issue of Security in the Country Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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