Ecotourism and Sustainable Travel - Essay Example

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Ecotourism is form of tourism that is intended to provide towards the protection of the environment and it involve visiting regions of natural interest in countries that are in the developing process. …
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Ecotourism and Sustainable Travel
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ECOTOURISM AND SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL FINAL PROJECT Ecotourism is form of tourism that is intended to provide towards the protection of the environment and it involve visiting regions of natural interest in countries that are in the developing process. The tour is based on a number of principles such as offering positive experience for the people visiting and their hosts, empowering the local people both financially and socially, creation of both cultural and environmental awareness and impacting positively on all areas of lives of the host nation. The chosen country for this tour is the Philippines owing to the wide range of natural as well as beautiful resources that surrounds the country. The country is further endowed with rich cultural diversity which attracts many people of the world. The country is ranked one of the top biodiversity hotspots in the entire world due to the widespread plants and animals that have been identified as endangered species which are under threat of extinction (Buckley, 2004).
The country formulated the National Ecotourism Strategy (NES) which had the goal of offering an integrated management plan aimed at the development of ecotourism in the country. The strategy has created mechanisms aimed at developing ecotourism through the involvement of community initiatives as well as the active participation of the private sector. The driving force towards considering ecotourism in the Philippines is the widespread marketing of key ecotourism sites through online marketing websites that have been created specifically for the process. Examples of ecotourism sites in the Philippines include Lake Danao, Lake Sebu, Bohol, Agusan Mash, Mindoro among others (Lück, 2003).
Ecotour itinerary
The sites chosen for the ecotour for the seven days are Donsol, Coron Island and Batanes Island.
Day 1
Donsol Ecotour
Arrival at Donsol from Manilla using Philippine Airlines
Interaction at the Whale Shark
Accommodation at Elysia Beach Resort
Day 2
Firefly River Tour
Accommodation at Elysia Beach Resort
Day 3
Departure to Coron Island
Arrival at Busuanga Airport
Transportation and accommodation by Calamianes Expeditions & EcoTours
Day 4
A trip to Coron Wharf
Boat trip to Lake Kayangan
Accommodation at Calamianes Expeditions & EcoTours
Day 5
Arrival at Batanes Island on board Philippines Airlines
Tour to Song Song Ruins
Visit to Oldest House (House of Dakay)
Accommodation at Batanes Eco
Day 6
Hike at the Fountain of Youth
Accommodation at Batanes Eco
Day 7
Tour to Vayang Rolling Hills
Visit to Basco Light House
Departure to Manilla
Ecotour marketing plan
The ecotour marketing plan is to assist in matching the available opportunities in the Philippines with the specific need of the Eco tourists. The marketing plan will assist in marketing the available opportunities in order to receive funding, ensuring maximum satisfaction from the tour upon visitation of the sights and identification of threats and challenges that are likely to be experienced (Zeppel, 2006).
Areas in the plan
Geographical location- The main ecotourism sites are located along the coastal beaches of Philippines
Age- The ecotourism is for all age groups.
Gender-Both males and females are allowed to take part in the tour.
Education-The most favorable education level is college so as that they can engage in ideas and events.
Occupation-Both students and working class members are to take part.
Programs for the ecotourism
The programs are geared towards development of key products to support the process, establishment of a national ecotourism fund, advocacy and education initiatives, development of key ecotourism sites in the country as well as clear monitoring and evaluation strategies (Alampay, 2005).

Alampay, R. B. A., Philippine APEC Study Center Network., & Philippine Institute for Development Studies. (2005). Sustainable tourism: Challenges for the Philippines. Makati City, Philippines: Philippine APEC Study Center Network (PASCN) and the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS.
Buckley, R. (2004). Environmental impacts of ecotourism. Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK: CABI Pub.
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Zeppel, H. (2006). Indigenous ecotourism: Sustainable development and management. Wallingford: CABI. Read More
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Ecotourism and Sustainable Travel Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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