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South Africa - Assignment Example

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The paper "South Africa" describes eco touring has been highly valued by both the travelers and the residents of the countries being traveled. For the residents, they earn a lot of income. Due to traveling, many countries have earned a lot of income hence development…
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South Africa
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Extract of sample "South Africa"

Download file to see previous pages We would wish the learned people to make the largest group of our tourists as they will be able to understand things easier. During the winter season, we will expect more visitors and the lodging will be paid on daily bases where the size of room taken will determine the cost. Advertising will be the common method of promotion where the internet, television, and radios will be highly used. Guests are going to spend time in our community and experience the beautiful coastal environments as well as experiencing the traditional culture. They will have a bush walk, have a look at the traditional foods and visit a midden. In addition, they will be able to have a look at the art and craft shop, museum and gallery. A sorry ceremony will also be going on and if interested they can attend. Because we will be aiming at a wide coverage, there will be wide use of travel agents. For marketing assistance, we will depend on the industry marketing corporation where we will be granted the opportunity to use the tourist planning website. On day two the visit to Cape Town city was will be conducted by the white shark eco-tourism. On day three the visit to the cultural house will be conducted by the great white shark eco-tourism. On day 4 visits to the wine lands will be guided by Afri Visita tours Stellenbosch South Africa. On day 5 the visit to Lake Sibaya and Wet Land Park would be conducted by two staff of the wet land park. On day 6 the visit to the rural areas will be conducted by Thonga beach lodge. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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South Africa

... the great natural resources of South Africa. However, whatever state the country becomes, is not to be fully ascribed to the leader alone but to all the citizens of the nation. As it is, every individual has his/her responsibility to play and help in the achievement of a united nation towards better living. To this day, South Africa is still one among the nations who suffer a lot from diseases especially Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), a disease which is sexually transmitted and a deadly one. This death sentence is one of the effects of the economic status of the nation. As most connect the disease to poverty, they hold the perception that because of the basic needs of most South African women which have to be met, they tend...
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Global South (South Africa) entails the subjugation of one group of people to another. It also refers to political and economic control over the dependent territory (Stanford University, 2006). According to McMichael, colonialism is the subjugation by psychological and physical strength of one culture by a colonising control through the means of military conquest of territory or areas and abolition of native people and their cultures (University of Kentucky, 2009). The essay looks at various aspects of South Africa from the point of view of international studies. The study will cover the history of colonisation of South Africa along with political system, demographics of South Africa. Development of South Africa along with the various conflicts that the country...
6 Pages(1500 words)Essay

South Africa

... whites. The National party on the other hand utilized this fear and came up with a pro-apartheid policy which it vowed to establish once it was elected into power and which saw its winning the elections and therefore producing the first prime minister under the apartheid regime (Thompson, 2001). The events that followed can only be termed as the worst historical injustices in the history of South Africa. To begin with, the population registration act of 1950 laid the foundation for racial discrimination as it categorized citizens into 3 major races i.e. the whites, blacks and the colored (Worger, 2004). In this context, settlements were set for each race so as to prevent interaction between the various races. Thereafter, it became a crime...
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South Africa

... to cut a niche in meeting every requirement of the targeted group. In doing marketing for their products then, the organization in South Africa has to consider several aspects that create distinction in the targeted groups. Amongst the main aspect that bring about difference in taste and preference that should be paid attention to includes geographic factors, demographic or the socioeconomic factors that considers occupation, age, gender, income, house hold size, and education. There are also the psychographic issues that looked into values, lifestyles, and attitudes. Behavioral segmentation also deals with such issues like degree of loyalty and occasion. One needs to understand South Africa in the context explained above in order to make...
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Racism in South Africa

... unable to make decisions. And also it was impossible to resist the dominant way of doing things because to change it would require widespread co-operation. This had detrimental effects upon their social well-being. How race has been used to maintain law & order in society. In South Africa ethnic or regional "intrawhite" conflict impeding nation-state consolidation was contained by racial domination. Excluding blacks was an ongoing dynamism that took different forms, by unified whites. Continued competition and tensions between the South Africa's English and Afrikaners were repeatedly resolved or diminished through further entrenchment of Jim Crow or apartheid. With no comparable conflict requiring reconciliation racial domination...
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South Africa

...Masekela: “Stimela” Hugh Masekela was an icon of Black music. Besides “Grazin in the Grass” which was a massive hit in the 60’s, he gave us an equally popular song called “Stimela” which he recorded over and over again and hence had six different versions. Hugh drew his inspiration from South Africa which was his home town. In Hugh’s own words, “I owe an endless debt to the people of South Africa and all those other African communities all over the world that I have accessed, and lived with and learned their music. He has traveled the world over and carries with him the message of hope and deep belief in the healing power of music. He speaks passionately when he mentions...
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South africa maintain the practice of apartheid. Caltex, owned jointly by Texaco and SoCal is one example of foreign company operating in South Africa whose shareholders on many occasions tried hard to pass resolutions that were anti apartheid. This paper seeks to highlight Caltex, its conception in the South African market, its operations and how it affected the growth or downfall of the practice of apartheid. First we consider whether the entry of Caltex in South Africa empowered apartheid. Whether or not the utilitarian benefits of Caltex’s operations stood above the moral rights and justice violations that its presence seemed to propagate. In 1975 Caltex...
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South Africa

..., ethical behaviour, and lifestyles in business world (Bruckner, 2001). The cultural diversity influences the business practices, working relations, business hierarchy, and business etiquette within South Africa. In extending its services to South Africa, it is quite significant for Kelly Services to understand the aspects of cultural diversity in South Africa’s business platform (Macleod, 2002). This report will detail the cultural aspects in South Africa’s business field and explain why South Africa will be a good target for Kelly Services. Working Relationships South Africans encourage good working relationships coupled with honesty, trust, and politeness. They have utmost respect for all and derive their moral values from their diverse...
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Globalization of South Africa

... populated. Major trade and commerce developed only after the first European settlement that took place in southern part of Africa in 1652. The objective was then to establish a supply base at the site currently known as Cape Town. South African history made major upheavals in the year 1867 when mines of diamonds were discovered near and around Kimberley and Cape Town. Economic activities got further intensified when worlds largest deposit of gold was discovered in the year 1886. South Africas first integration to global economy was seen through its exports of diamonds and gold. At the same time, the country imported variety of agricultural products. Mining industry continued to expand with increasing gold and diamond exports from the shore...
5 Pages(1250 words)Essay

South Africa

... languages and isiZulu is the mother tongue of 23,8% of the population but it can be noted that the majority of South Africans can speak more than one language. The healthcare sector in South Africa is comprised of public and private sectors. The public sector offers basic primary healthcare for free to the majority of citizens and it is state controlled but the problem is poor funding. On the other hand, the private sector is highly sophisticated and it caters for the wealth and affluent but it is beyond the reach of many people (South those with healthcare insurances and can afford the services offered have a positive attitude towards their healthcare while the poor often display a negative attitude by virtue of being...
2 Pages(500 words)Essay
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