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Tourism: Paignton Zoo - Case Study Example

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The author concludes that despite the increasing challenges that affect the tourism industry today, Paignton zoo will continue to attract significant numbers of tourist to the United Kingdom. However, it is apparent that the zoo has come under competition from other leisure facilities in the region. …
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Tourism: Paignton Zoo
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Extract of sample "Tourism: Paignton Zoo"

Download file to see previous pages The tourism industry is one of the most important drivers of the U.K economy. Paignton Zoo ranks among the country’s major tourist attractions. With a collection of more than 2,000 animals that represent a great diversity of fauna species, the zoo attracts the highest number of tourists to the country’s Eastern seaside region. The zoo also boasts of conservation of more than 1600 plant species that are mostly used for education and research purposes, besides serving as a part of the zoo’s primary tourist attraction features. Due to its huge collection of animal and plant species, the zoo has become a registered educational facility and a recognized center of scientific charity.
Since its inception, the Zoo has always endeavored to ensure that it operates in line with the provisions of the Zoo Licensing Act 1981. The management also ensures that all other legislation that governs zoo operations are strictly followed. These include measures of addressing human health and safety, animal transport, animal protection law and many others (Jones, & Jowett, 1998).
Even as the management grapples with effects of the short summer vacation during which the zoo gets the maximum number of visitors. The introduction of the Deregulation Bill into the House of Lords poses a major threat to the zoo. It is apparent that the Bill seeks to shorten the summer holiday from six to just four weeks.
Like all major tourist attraction sites in the country, tourist visits at the zoo are usually dependent on the season of the year, with maximum visits recorded during the summer season. Tourist numbers during the other seasons are often low with a minimum number of visitors recorded during the winter season. Over the recent past, the zoo has come under intense competition from other competitively priced overseas resorts that provide attractive holiday packages for their customers.      ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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