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Third Journal - Essay Example

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We learned that the level of integration that project management has with nearly each and every aspect of the hospitality industry is much more complex and involved than one might otherwise think. According to the PowerPoint Presentation, the level of success that effective…
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Third Journal
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Extract of sample "Third Journal"

We learned that the level of integration that project management has with nearly each and every aspect of the hospitality industry is much more complex and involved than one might otherwise think. According to the PowerPoint Presentation, the level of success that effective project management within the industry is able to realize is fundamentally predicated upon the degree and extent to which it is involved in the day to day activities of the organization. Likewise, the PowerPoint revealed the fact that project management is not a seamless process from beginning to end; rather it involves several core procedures that must be monitored and engaged with in order for an effective result to be effected. For instance, we learned that initiation, planning, monitoring and controlling and closing were all core processes that were involved in effective project management. Interestingly, we also learned that effective project management could not defined by the nuts and bolts of leadership or management; instead, the PowerPoint slides revealed the need to step away from the daily grind of ceaseless meeting notes, appointments, and email; as a function of stepping back and seeing the big picture of what is being worked on and how the best result could be achieved. Likewise, a similar learning contributor that took place during this section of the course is with regard to the benefit of learning project management in the hands on application of project management that was presented within the assignment. Ultimately, the students were able to effectively engage project management in terms of the way in which workflow should be defined and which tasks should be given priority first.
Another essential elements of the understanding that was created was with respect to the fact that not only with the project manager need the input and agreement of stakeholders beneath him/her, he/she would also need the engagement, resources, and understanding of executive above him/her. With this in mind, the project manager is not being in determinant of any project. Instead, he/she is ultimately responsible for reporting the project and gaining further traction on it based upon the input of higher executives. Finally, the information that was presented within this particular unit was contingent upon “bringing it all together”. Within such an understanding, useful resources with respect to project management were delivered and the student was able to have a broad overview of the way in which different determinants that have been studied up until this point during the semester all related to project management and the way it could effectively be. Essentially, the material that is been covered within this particular section is no more important than any of the other material that has been covered thus far during the semester; however, it nonetheless has a level of relationship to previous information and is perhaps the most broad and overarching of the theories and applications that have been studied. Read More
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