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Mallard Island - Case Study Example

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The old residents are complaining that they need their neighborhood back. They also want to ensure that their property’s values are protected. The residents realized a quiet and affluent neighborhood…
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Mallard Island
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Extract of sample "Mallard Island"

Mallard Island al Affiliation) Mallard Island One of the concerns that Mallard Island is experiencing is rental issues. The old residents are complaining that they need their neighborhood back. They also want to ensure that their property’s values are protected. The residents realized a quiet and affluent neighborhood that initially harbored 53 homes is now approaching only 10% of renters. To illustrate this, the residents cannot remember the time they have had the congestion and noise with parking. Another concern is the quality of life issue (Hoopes, 2014). Most of the homes in the area were lived all year round, and they used to know their neighbor, but as many homeowners decide renting, it is difficult to know the person living next door. The basis of the complaint stems from 1501 Teal Drive that has been entirely for the renters. The residents tracked many people going in and out of their neighbor’s house since the beginning of summer.
The issue coming from this complaint is noise. The residents have complained of endless noise whole day. It is as if the residents are neighbouring the playground or a motel pool. This solution for rental issue is implementing restricting rentals in neighborhood. The restrictions need to be weekly rental on the residential areas (Johnson, 2014). To solve the issue, the members of the commission need to come up with a substantive recommendation that will be forwarded to the Town Council and the mayor. The best solution for the residents of this area is to set up rental restrictions for the residential streets but not the entire Ocean City. This will change the zoning in the entire neighborhood. Increasingly, there are 3875 residential zoning in Mallard Island. For the last 2 years, there have been issues of rental properties raised.
A destination serving as a guidepost for Mallard Island is the case of ocean city. The residents are characterized as people who run their errand in the ocean city. According to the zoning code, a rental home should not house 4 unrelated people. The current issue is that some of the homes are housing a multi-family housing. The office has no means of confirming people who are unrelated or not. This is because there are few enforcement officers. The solution for this is recruiting more enforcement officers (Shane, 2014). The ocean city has also addressed property issues such as overcrowding, noise sanitation, building code violation, and overcrowding with the committee of Property Review and Enforcement Strategies for Safe-housing. The committee is represented from the finance department, police, fire marshal, building, and zoning. The task force meets regularly to discuss the criminal code and civil cases within the community. This is the only solution to curb the issues. The realtor’s dog is also important in fighting against this. Another solution is education and enforcement but not prohibition. Consequently, the visitors need to have a seven-day beach vacation (Sherman, 2014).
Another destination, serving as a guidepost for Mallard Island is the case of KHW (Kyong Hoho Wokha), RALH (Raland Area Lotha Hoho), and LHD (Lotha Hoho Dimapur). This area has issues of tenant and landowner. Just as RALH, LHD, and KHW, Mallard Island needs the intervention of the government to sort the rental issues. The authority needs to plead for resolution of this issue. In Hoho, the residents demanded to flush out the Maoists in the region as they have instigated the owners. The community also asked the government to enforce NAP in controlling the situation between the landowners and tenants. Another destination is the ocean city. Another destination serving as a guidepost for Mallard Island is the land tenure reform that happened in India. In 1950, the Indian government abolished the intermediary interest and rights in land. Those who had land possession included the sub-tenants and the tenants. Despite this, it was evident that in 1960, most of the land were legally retained by the landlord for their interest. Therefore, the tenants had full control of the type and kind of tenants they house.
Hoopes, Z. (2014). City’s focus now on rental reform. OC Today, 2(1), 1-5.
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Sherman, N. (2014). Weekly rentals in Ocean City may be outlawed. The Baltimore Sun, 2(1), 1-4. Read More
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Mallard Island Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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